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I love cirno so much to the point where I created a comfy chan for her.
>cirno did nothing wrong; keep the ice flowing lol
https://cirnochan.net (Tor link in front page footer)


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Is it still up?


didn't even last until cirno day lol


post that one copypasta


Its pretty ded for the same reasons ➈➈ percent of the chans opened in the last couple years are dead in that its just a general idea with no built in community or targeted community just a chan for the sake of being a chan
Its just another ded chan with no community and no direction which is exactly what the internet needs and everyone should open a chan so the internet becomes a graveyard of ➈000s of chans with ➈ hundred or so posts a piece
Good luck cirnochan guy your ded board is definitely gonna be the ➈ that ignites the alt chan science with your innovative new features like board creation
Hopefully you act really snarky on your boards with an admin tag never seen that before on alt chan
Thanks for this link I'll add it to the ➈00 or so ded sites I check regularly cause I have no real life and occasionally no has posted on sp in a few minutes


thx, it ages like a fine wine




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