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does anyone listen to any podcasts?
I like to have background noise on, subject matter doesn't matter too much, more just chemistry of the hosts, interesting guests, and knowledge of subject matters are my concern.

pic unrelated, it's billed as a podcast but it's really just a prolonged audio-only comedy sketch


ya i listen to infowars podcast


that's a good one


indeed. theres a war on for your mind


forum borealis on youtob


opportunistic actors/entertainers at best, spook disinfo more likely…
i don't get it
opposite of redpilling yourself


thats the best part about it
>if its not controlled op you get an interesting perspective
>if it IS controlled op, they discredit anyone speaking the truth by broadcasting it on EVIL NAZI INFOWARS
if you're smart you get a direct line of knowledge.


interesting perspective, i'm still gonna give you titty twister tho


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i have a hard time seeing it that way because:
* still keeps you 'mirin the "current event" puppet show, the magician's glamour, probably the most damning feature of infowars type engagement
* there are no new ideas or info of any worth, it's all decades old: rehashing of "behold a pale horse", "silent weapons for quiet wars", texx mars, protocols, mental junk food, infotainment yet it drives many to nihilism
i won't keep pestering tho, """y'all"""" seem to have your minds made up and you already think i'm a fag or shill


dont 'yall' me nigger
if you just start viewing all info streams as varying levels of propaganda i think you can get a pretty good birds eye view of the world
personally i think AJ is true and honest libertarian sorta guy.. and i think he (unknowingly) gets fed info by federal agents in one form or another to discredit real operations.


one more ting:
this "gift" is really only available to someone who can go "full hermit mode":
* avoid "the news" via any and all sources (tv, internet, family, friends, social media, *'chans) basically don't talk to anyone or watch anything current for a period of 4-6 months (dive into learning a skill, nothing else)

during, and forever after this experience you will be aware of the push and pull of "unnecessary and malignant focus/forces" that come from both the "enemy side" and the side which has become your comfort/cohort and it will be your first real understanding of being a target of PROPAGANDA
and by 'first real understanding' i mean something far more powerful than those words convey
an emergent phenomena of the mind/lymbic system which conveys the reality of the situation like being re-born from a near death experience might convey the value of your life, to you

sounds gay, hard time explaining it, true though, imo


>personally i think AJ is true and honest libertarian sorta guy..
i think your discernment sucks then tbh
he's an actor


infowars, dude
it's dogshit, it's mainstream as your cat lady aunt's facebook posts in 2021


also, a clique of antisocial mofos is still a social network


>he's an actor
get real
dudes been in the game since forever
he's a natural performer for sure, but you dont do something that gets you blacklisted like that for money.. its not very profitable to be removed from society


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3" full inches taller than joe rogan


not a podcast per se but a prolific rel unknown maker of digital files, i apprec. [j gee big rev woop woop's] a.ism


i lik dead rabbit radio and mysterious universe both paranormal and both are great for background noise and actually listening to tho sometimes the dead rabbit guy laughs at his own jokes too much and gets sidetracked so if that shit irritates you steer clear
also a bunch of history shit but unfortunately pretty much every history podcast host has been infected by faggot virus and either references star wars a lot or lets their gay modern political opinions creep through when talking about ancient historical events or both so sometimes i have to stop and delet and skip an episode because even if im using it as background noise that sort of garbage will immediately take me out of it. right now the only one i can tolerate because the host isnt too much of a faggot is "the history of england" but he'll let irritating shit slip through occasionally
fall of civilizations is a great one though theres next to no modern bolidigs :DDD only era appropriate political analysis


a podcast is a recorded radio show that can be played on command

here's some good ones:
Tom Green (variety)
The Martyrmade (history)
Last Podcast on the Left (true crime/horror/conspiracy)
Dan Carlin (history)
No Dogs in Space (music history)
Joe Rogan (discussion)
The Ripple Effect (discussion)

If you want sports podcasts idk ask in /sp/


Honestly not as much as I used to. Pizza Party Podcast with RebelTaxi is a really good one though.


that guy's a fagr


There's that one podcast with Alice Cooper that's pretty good


the last podcast guys like to let politics creep into their shows way too often
granted they never go on extended rants about it but it happens often enough to be annoying as fuck
they actually just marcus not the other two idiots do some p gud research tho and sometimes their jokes are funny particularly in their earlier episodes their series on dahmer has quite a few good moments


The Dollap is a pretty interesting podcast. The hosts present strange or mostly forgotten moments in history such as the straw hat rebellion


Martyrmade is very good thanks for the rec.


listenin to warmode lately
couple of workin class tfwnogf bros gettin woke on the bs
one dudes niggerpill atm but cohost is on dat enlightment search, gud dynamic w ancient ayys n schizo talk thrown in


how niggerpilled? like the obnoxious faggot kind or just the lethargic kind that isnt as annoying?

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