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Waiting period for receiver over. Made fixture, torqueing barrel in morning. Haven't stripped the flats yet, thankfully. Have it 4.5 deg off TDC now. Made fixture with some scrap teak and a rasp.


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Surprisingly snappy upload speed


Barrel is timed. Lightly rolled the flat shoulder trying to get the last fifth of a degree for 'perfection' sake. should have just left the damn thing alone, completely unnecessary.


you sonofabitch


i know. im kickin myself too.


approximately 2 hours ago, while showing my friend how well my stock was coming along, i knocked it off the table and it hit some corner metal and gouged itself bad. im so fucking mad i wanna cry. i dunno how i'll fix it, given its current oiled state.


File: 1559437611059.jpg (2.88 MB, 4208x2368, 263:148, WP_20190601_16_44_15_Pro.jpg)

lockup seems fine


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Oh also I fixed it. Damage was center frame, that dark crescent. Was a deep gouge before. Turns out epoxy is much more forgiving with improper surface prep than I thought. Was an easy fix.


Sandblasted most external components. Forgot to take before pics. Used actual sand (dangerous) but works in a pinch. Its dirty tho. Adds another step of needing to thoroughly clean the parts after. Pics soon


ok i parked everything i needed except the front handguards, which my fuckin sandblaster started acting up. i think the sand is a little wet? not flowing as well obv.
the stuff i parked has fairly inconsistent finish– at least on the lower receiver. everything else was mostly ok. came out a 1911 grey color, not as dark as i wanted. this things gonna be 2 tone as fuck
pics coming tomorrow once i have the hand guard heat shields finished up


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Good news. Just need to drill the gas port and she's done.


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nice budy


thanks pal


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ironically straight from the devil's own country


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very nice
when are you taking it out to the range?


hopefully this week?
it'll let me know if i need to enlarge my gas port
i shot an empty casing in the yard, and manually ejected. everything seems in order


File: 1561511205844.jpg (306.57 KB, 992x558, 16:9, WP_20190210_15_10_26_Pro.JPG)


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File: 1561522204015.jpg (146.17 KB, 1769x447, 1769:447, GP Compliment.jpg)

i feel entirely validated


>that join date
>that post count
<1500 posts a year


he's arguably one of the most experienced FAL gunsmiths in the country, does incredible work. gunsmithing is a poor mans trade unless you're a preeminent name in the industry with a long waitlist. he's one of those guys


lmaooo he's also a fucking sperg. he started pickin shit with me later in the thread. i wasn't being combative even a little but he went full FUCK YOU NIGGER, 0-100.
frankly, as a talented SPORTSCHAN ENGINEER im way fuckin smarter than this dude. gunsmithing talent or not. his job is a fuckin hobby for me 🤷‍♀️


File: 1562213213878.png (268.97 KB, 576x319, 576:319, ClipboardImage.png)

wew, link to falfiles thread?


give up your animes hobby and dedicate yourself to becoming the next ronnie g. barrett


based zip 22
its not really worth linking, its like arguing with adolph. same retardedness
nevar xDDD


need to solve the occasional failure to extract

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