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What are some alternative careers which won't make me kill myself?


What's an "alternative" career


see if anyone'll take you on as a ranch hand in big sky country

or if you're really up for it try to get on the alaska state troopers


fast food is a great career choice ive worked in it for the last 24 years


suicide vest wearer


deep sea fisherman
coal miner
security easiest job i ever had


Teenage eco-activist.


which teenbro here has this job


it's not a job per se. I'm actually my own boss, and thru the app I can work whenever I want! so long as my parents drop me off at the site.


insurance fraudster, just crash some old BMWs and get them sweet hundos from your insurance


duddder out here tryna sell his overstock wrecked bmw's


Look at ways you can make some money on the side and be on the look out for opportunities for a new job. Never quite your old one though without a new job unless the environment is truly toxic.


>deep sea fisherman
tell me more
How do you get in?


just have aspergers and you can preach in front of the UN

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