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The V-for-Voluntary-Vendetta symbol or 'Bloody-Silver' was created in 2021 in search for a new symbol that would capture the essence of the Liberty movement 'at war' with neo-communism (nucoms). The colours of the symbol are silver and scarlet. Historically, pure physical silver was the currency used to pay for a day's labour in the more meritocratic civilizations that valued quality of life for the mode of society. Silver was valued as a currency that limited tyranny and permitted free-exchange—and any currency that fulfills this function is as good as silver was—the free-market, including the free-market in currencies, is 'as a silver-bullet to the financial-vampires that drain vitality from society.' Scarlet represents the 'sacrifice in life, through war, that must always be made to water the Tree-of-Liberty.' The ultimate objective is that interaction between persons should be voluntary and not forced nor coerced. The shape at the top of the symbol represents a handshake, which is the most typical expression of a voluntary agreement.

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