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its a tampa kinda day
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what happened to the chinky girlfriend thread


how do I tell my girlfriend she has a chinky looking face?


cr is your gf?


pic of girlfriend?


dudder is your gf?
(thread was probably pruned for this post)


*CR with long hair*


her face looks gooky maybe even chinky. chinky eyes, her cheeks look particularly jap/gookish
stay out of my personal matters


>make thread about your personal matters
>stay out of my personal matters


anime isn't real you know


don't ask about my girlfriends malformed chinky looking face.


File: 1617743309844.png (142.49 KB, 359x408, 359:408, disdain.png)


don't make that face at me


Thread deleted or pruned


>idk maybe the modbot i wrote swept it up as spam
lel, goatbro was replaced by a bot. this thread might get pruned in 11 hours or so, because OP doesn't have an image.


not just image but ya maybe


um actually, I don't recall that being posted


don't look at him like that


i wish i had a chinky girlfriend


File: 1617783548614.jpg (71.67 KB, 720x702, 40:39, cr-discord.jpg)


CRowjob, NOW!


File: 1617784797841.jpg (37.02 KB, 415x415, 1:1, CRowjob.jpg)



damn bitch, you're a phreak!




cr really likes that BWC





i can't help but find something deeply broken about asian peoples.



like they have nothing to live for?


>youtube bout to start recommending me these now

not a bad thing


i even question if they are truly alive, their existence is reminiscent of one from a jellyfish.


shaddap and let ramu cook

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