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its a tampa kinda day
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current status:
>10k dead shitskins
>Israel’s Iron Dome system malfunctioned on Sunday. One of its missiles fell straight down onto the street and caused a small fire, according to Al Jazeera correspondent Hamdah Salhut. Israeli authorities said there were no casualties or damage to buildings.
>Intense Israeli bombardment was reported in the Gaza Strip, including around hospitals, on Sunday evening. Gaza also faced its third communications blackout since October 28.
>Israel’s Heritage Minister Amihai Eliyahu drew international backlash when he implied during a radio interview that dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza is an option.
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just imagine her softly moaning, "uhhh, hoooow…..dare you *deep exhale*" as you were just slamming her tight pink lil bhole


File: 1701207987301-0.jpg (159.5 KB, 750x1124, 375:562, 1617167741486 Kopie.jpg)

File: 1701207987301-1.webm (929.24 KB, 388x236, 97:59, 1687521821199167.webm)


she's 17 bro…..


why would Greta have a tattoo of her getting foked while getting foked?


File: 1701223860596.mp4 (10.94 MB, 720x900, 4:5, gretard.mp4)

she was so much hotter when she was like 13, but i'd still slap that meat all day if ya know what i mean.


i just have thing for autistic potato chicks
there was this total 5/10 butt faced autistic chick in my HS that i know really wanted my weenie, she also had really big fucking titties
in fact she touched my penis at a party and probably would have done more but i didint want to get bullied by my bros for doing things with the class autistic weird girl who came to class wearing stupid cartoon shirts and other autistic nonsense

she also hung out with all the complete ugoo fat bitches and was the objectively hottest of the freaks

but looking back, i should have done it because big titties are big titties


File: 1701226757231.mp4 (10.09 MB, 574x1080, 287:540, Unhinged crazy girl weirdo.mp4)

Mentally damaged women (mentally damaged by woman standards) are the most attractive women on earth. It's even hotter when theyre socially inept. Especially when theyre crazy.


weird gen z humor or something


It was a good choice saving yourself for marriage, anon.


wats the story behind that i wanna know what her tardlet logic was


remember that video of that autistic chick covering herself in peanut butter while wearing a bikini ?

that shit makes me diamonds


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Yeah im thinking DEATH TO AMERIKKKA


I can fix her, bro


i hope niggers kill you for wasting those trips


but demonKKKraps are the real antisemites !!!!


fuckin beat me to it


File: 1701310845252-0.mp4 (4.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Crab Rave Bass Drop (EARRA….mp4)

File: 1701310845252-1.png (467.31 KB, 1405x1006, 1405:1006, RIP BOZO.png)

File: 1701310845252-2.mp4 (3.71 MB, 640x670, 64:67, RIP BOZO.mp4)




RIP in peace king


so what does this even mean legally speaking? is it just "if you say bad things about israel you're baaaad"? i'm just assuming they're doing this so that later on the feds will just go out and terrorize/arrest/kill people in the future for calling a spade a spade and all


File: 1701313426923-0.jpg (119.64 KB, 1369x669, 1369:669, GAJiT3aW4AAmTtp.jpg)

File: 1701313426923-1.jpg (115.65 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, GAJfZCIWYAAdhGr.jpg)

>crying over a war criminal


Holy, MAGA Boomer sissies, its never been this over.


tbh i miss the one where some whore pumped 60 NIGGER GALLONS of orange juice up her asshole and shat it out on her face in the bathtub


they have to send whatever they lass to the senate for final approval before bidup signs whatever it is into law and yes theyre gearing up to come and ruin your life for saying maybe genocide bad even if precious kikes are doing it


tubgirl? that was actual shit tho


File: 1701349656228.webm (7.59 MB, 480x360, 4:3, god bless.webm)

at this point they can call me an antisemite just for breathing, i don't fucking care what labels they want to attach to people anymore since the whole hummus boogaloo has shown just how divided all of these parties really are. they do D&C shit for the past 60 years then get upset when their golems don't follow through with sudden policy change


but oceana has always been at war with westasia


well fuck.


File: 1701374180762-0.png (110.23 KB, 475x924, 475:924, oy vey.png)

File: 1701374180762-1.jpg (90.99 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, GAJ5MHkbwAA-9IH.jpg)

File: 1701374180762-2.jpg (82.83 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, GAJ3HOlbUAAMMqL.jpg)

>jew kvetching that tiktok is making the zoomies antisemitic !!!
>right around when congress passes laws that equates anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism

Its also just a blatant lie, these idiots support Palestine because they see brown people hurt which equals BAD which equals HERESY against their Esoteric George Floydidianism religious views. Its not because they all read Mein Kampf and started thinking about the Jewish Question they just see Jews are "dem evil ass craKKKas and shiiiiiet" because their niggerified brains have been worshipping niggers all their life.

I expect banning TikTok to start becoming a more real prospect.
Conservacucks will be gooning in their Noahide clitty cages and wearing their cutest "BiBiC Only" panties to be the best Goy and ban TikTok the fastest. Niki Haley will probably advocate for a small tactical nuclear strike on TikToks headquarters.


>I expect banning TikTok to start becoming a more real prospect.
But jews shat on trump for proposing this??? Was trump right???


but now jews even the diaspora libshit jews are kvetching and peepeeing their combat diapers over the "rise of antisemitism"

so i dont think you will see them raising a ruckus about banning tiktok or if not a ban on the app, they will ban anti-semitism but allow it to be anti-white


you can see the generational backlash this will wind up causing too like how do kikes not see that going full streisand like this is only calling more and more attention to their stranglehold on everything in the west? they really are shit at long term plans everything they do is opportunistic and when their oast behavior comes back around they fuckin panic like no one else


File: 1701401937147.jpg (54.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, p4b6s_1.jpg)

both sides have said on multiple occasions that banning that chinky social brainwashing app needs to happen sooner rather than later. mostly because unlike western social media, the US glowniggers don't run it the chinky glowniggers do and it has nothing to do with whatever is actually said and done on it.
this latest antisemitism scare is just their way to get the average jew brainwashed goy on board with the idea. up to this point there has been resistance because of "muh free market" and partisan politics bullshit. well that and the average retard don't know that tiktok is run by the enemy and assume its just another western jew owned zoomer trap.


Hostages have been transferred. Jewish women were hugging and kissing their captors on the way out. I suppose this means the fighting will resume shortly.


only know a few teens but they all know someone (or are themselves) redballed on the j and yt powah
so stepping back, heebs=right+left. left has the power. progressive stack bs and fuck the man.
dont think you could create a bigger suicidal time bomb if u tried tbh lel


>Jewish women were hugging and kissing their captors on the way out.
What a bunch of sluts.


Buckeye' sister sent him a text that she is never coming back and "wants to be bred by Arabs multiple times". He started crying and screaming on Discord his mom came in and tried to comfort him but I think he pooped his pants and started cumming.


wonder how many of them are willingly pregnant


Probably several, but equally none because race-mixing is illegal in Israel (only for Jewish women though) and they'll be too ashamed to admit it if they were.


>race-mixing is illegal in Israel (only for Jewish women though)
so what was with that one video where the yid dude was complaining about yid womyn hooking up with ayyrabs?
i cant find it maybe i just mixed that up with some other shit


That was Buckeye on Discord.


being illegal dont mean aint no one does it


uhm yes it does now give me your guns sweetie >we need to stop school shootings in chicago


File: 1701621121001.png (59.65 KB, 600x605, 120:121, ClipboardImage.png)

palestine status?


gaza still rubble
yids still gettin got
hummus still in the broader whack a mole theater of the war on thebside of the moles
gaza civilians still gettin cleansed
supposedly arab neighbors arent actually in support of hummus? some of them prolly arent but theyre getting their rockets from somewhere nearby


The same as before, too bad that the other muslim countries are not joining the fun.


yah if the yids are having this bad of a time with hamas alone even with how incompetent ayy rab armies usually are the kikes would be on the back foot if even one of the others invaded
fuck i hate desert people so much


apparently them niggas pulled out of northern gaza because the yids were getting BTFO'd


File: 1701694099586.png (1.02 MB, 800x693, 800:693, ClipboardImage.png)

yids now ordering the southern half of gaza be evacuated as well
fuckers really are going to occupy it indefinitely


>having immense trouble pacifying the rubble of gaza city
>i know lets go fuck with another urban zone
is bubba net-them-yahoos going senile or something?


What did they expect from the kikes? They want all palestine for themselves.


justice for farfour

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