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its a tampa kinda day
Password (For file deletion.)

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help I forgot the administrator password




this is actually true, i don't know the admin password and I only have it saved on my old phone that i havent used for anything else in 5 years. any time i've tried retrieving it the phone has frozen so I'm scared to try again because I feel like one of these days its just never going to turn back on


no drama please


any official comment on this?




this is KKKrazy censorship!


user: moot
password: faggot


go into the config files on ur server and view the passwd or make a second admin account in the even u loose urs


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thanks bro‼️‼️‼️


dudder surely theres ways to prevent fecal chomos from spamming so much because they fucked up a get


dudeer I'm going to make r/sportschinz on reddit

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