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wat does spee think of this game
i've been trying to play it with /japan/ but they whine about the lag too much


Never heard of it tbh, some kinda fightan game? I'm aware of that guy from the porn games in your pic tho

File: 1636108745564.jpg (158.01 KB, 1080x603, 120:67, moom.jpg)


You can only choose one
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Well Brutal Doom is still the best for me


I've already got eduke but only played it vanilla, what are some good mods?


both of these women are ugly



File: 1639415988491.png (223.82 KB, 826x339, 826:339, 1380900073175.png)

Thanks breh some of these actually look pretty decent

File: 1637083724648.jpg (903.43 KB, 2312x1346, 1156:673, 1637082715821.jpg)


So what are >we votan?
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Well to play devil's advocate, Nintendo sometimes like to put announcements at the Game Awards i.e. showed an early alpha demo of Zelda Breath of the Wild in the 2014's VGA, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Cranky Kong trailer in 2014's VGA, and a few Smash reveals like Sephiroth's trailer from last year's VGA.


File: 1639109725616.jpg (106.74 KB, 779x1200, 779:1200, Bidup scalping Dup.jpg)

<Winners are:
>Resident Evil 8 and the VR mod for the 4th one
>Guilty Gear (the only fighting game whose plot went somewhere)
>It Takes Two
<Only one Nintendo game and it was made by leafs who knew how to design with new shit


>Cyberpunk 2077 didn't won a single award under Best music and/or Best RPG
>Lost Best music to Nier: Twink Edition
>Lost Best RPG to Tales of Arise
A fitting end to the game that was at one point hyped to be the next greatest game of all time now a game lived in infamy as being the go to example of how not to release a game so early.
>>It Takes Two
I was genuinely surprised that It Takes Two won GOTY. I wonder how Take Two the company feels about that since they tried to go after the It Takes Two devs over using takes two in the game's title.


haha did TakeTwo really do that? Are they like trying really hard to be the most shittiest gaming publisher/company?


Last of Us 2 won every award including Fighting genre and Family Friendly genre, Slavs btfo by based Israeli.

Yes, not sure if the jury passed it and shit got serious.

File: 1636766142569-0.png (350.49 KB, 1024x408, 128:51, 1636493857783.png)

File: 1636766142569-1.jpg (210.29 KB, 1597x803, 1597:803, 1636562628142.jpg)

File: 1636766142569-2.png (708.78 KB, 677x569, 677:569, 1636556213868.png)

File: 1636766142569-3.jpg (65.07 KB, 525x547, 525:547, 1636578003023.jpg)

File: 1636766142569-4.jpg (72.58 KB, 874x720, 437:360, 1636565647015.jpg)


absolute state of Rockstar lol
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File: 1638326926407.png (305.81 KB, 376x347, 376:347, 1591810593270.png)

Being a game developer must be so easy just make a garbage game, slap a name on it that everyone knows and watch as people buy it up no matter how broken it is.


That only really works with the more retarded fanbases, look at how badly DmC and MG Survive sold for example


>20 some days later
>still no answer to my what
why does car get big because of turning? answer me


File: 1638983572886.jpg (130.87 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)

One of the many mysteries of pajeet mobile coding


File: 1639109254725.jpg (72.99 KB, 638x798, 319:399, Sneed and Feed real life f….jpg)

>Half assed update to fix this half assed mess

File: 1634422012622.jpeg (489.79 KB, 600x835, 120:167, bannr.jpeg)


On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the new Battlefield game going to be?

>classes are gone and replaced with "specialists"

>maps are too big, boring and disorganized
>fucked up animations everywhere
>even going up the stairs is fucked
>hundreds of bugs all over the beta

>and the game gets released the next month



i downloaded the beta but never got around to playing it
i think i'm not the only one getting bored of these games because even the latest battlefield game was on sale for like $5 a couple months ago


>haven't played a CoD game since Black Ops
>haven't played Battlefield since 3
so did these shootan games ever change at all or is it still all the same shit? I don't even really hear normies talking about them much anymore


File: 1634765516333.jpg (168.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, bordertown_shot0001.jpg)

best multiplayer tactical semi-realism fpses
1.infiltration mod for unr.tourn
4.america's army 2


i played the beta with a friend for a day on my xbone one
my thoughts:
>movement was TERRIBLE. felt like my controller was made out of a sponge
>vehicles controlled oddly, especially fast ones. turns felt really off, like it could turn faster than the car was actually moving
>weapon recoil was… odd. like some guns had ridiculous spray and others were lasers
>bugs. lots of bugs.
>map way too fucking big, 64 people in the game and it felt like a 32 player game
>generally boring. boring art direction boring map holy fuckits all boring
>the one cool thing is stuff like the mech dogs, but even that is just a rehash of the flying drones from 2142
battlefield is dead


>it's one of the top ten worst rated games on steam at the moment



File: 1623949847007.png (91.55 KB, 371x353, 371:353, if you're reading this you….png)


Is there any way to make games once again seen lame and uncool in the eyes of the normalfag - the great gatekeep that protected the medium for decades?
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u alright budy?


spreh i got sasquatch bitches jerkin my gock i guess you could say i'm doin "alright"


can confirm this guy ain't lying
t. bigfoot


do bigfoots do big footjobs?


they're getting VR facebook or some shit, whatever

File: 1636112040128.jpg (433.34 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, hangar_13.jpg)


>Take-Two Interactive has reportedly canceled a $53 million game that was being developed by Hangar 13. Volt’s development began in 2017, and it was set to be centered around various superheroes competing against each other. It would have featured an emphasis on online gameplay.

RIP GaaS capeshit. You won't be missed


What game is this?


idk but it looks vary gud


I'm surprised that a licensed game was getting so much funding in the first place, that shit used to be pure shovelware like 10-15 years ago


>Take2 fucking ruins everything
What else is new, Silverstein?

One loses the count on how many games have been canned thanks to the faceless corporation, there was SMNC that somehow its live servers survived until 2018.

File: 1636112333983.webm (370.69 KB, 480x848, 30:53, lilypad.webm)


Video game logic
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naruto's not a vidya


neither is you're mom but I still play with her every day


File: 1636571211833.jpeg (137.36 KB, 600x490, 60:49, Woman_standing_on_Victori….jpeg)

apparently that can actually be done, here's a historical photo


this is shopped, i can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time


dude looks like a pussy

File: 1635004337484.jpg (307.02 KB, 1396x1570, 698:785, ds2haters.jpg)


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what are memes?


glad you enjoyed it bro we should have gay sex sometime (no homo)


gay shit for retards and highly intelligent spartmen


i'm both of those things


then you have ascended and are the living embodiment of horshoe theory you retarded genius

File: 1636114137932.png (252.83 KB, 851x800, 851:800, spyro.png)



File: 1632493615024.jpg (75.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the senator.
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I feel like all that shit was unintentional, like the devs just went "lol what if all the conspiracy theories were real" then it turned out years later that some of them actually were


most of it almost certainly was unintentional or at least was supposed to come off as hyperbolic im not saying it was predictive programming because that entire concept is retarded
most of the conspiracies and concepts they used in the game were just compiled from stuff people had already been talking about irl way before the game was in development like mkultra and cia blacksite type shit or fema being shady af


File: 1634592750768.png (459.36 KB, 640x470, 64:47, wes watson.png)

i'll be the shotcaller in an FEMA camp beleedat and all you chomos finna haveta come ask daddy spartman 'oh pls daddy lemme be your bunkmaiden 4 a manga printed on toilet paper and a cuppa ramen' sheeeeit wat that mouth do


>toilet paper manga
but thats all of them and i'll make a shiv out of my own dried shit and shank you with it cunt im the one who sells tp anigay around these parts


is that plastic too

File: 1634875545885.jpg (34.59 KB, 460x215, 92:43, DYSTOPIA.jpg)




Kill shit decked out with all the cybernetics a man could wish for, become a decker and battle hackers in cyberspace.
>Wait what?
Dystopia is an objective-based cyberpunk source mod where you fight simultaneously in the real world and cyberspace.


Server is up from friday (NOW, IT'S ALREADY UP NOW) to monday. While I'd like to say connect whenever, for clear times, yuros can take 1 PM UTC and burgers can take 6 PM UTC.
https://time.is/UTC for reference.

Steam its free:
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>not neotokyo


game night over thanks for comign folks


sorry i forgot this board existed and didn't see it in time


dystopia was always better
t. was in the neotokyo gamenight, nt sux


it doesnt exist

File: 1634422512665.jpeg (46.46 KB, 271x377, 271:377, sonicgaem.jpeg)


ITT: Games are considered good that you just got bored/lost interest with playing

See pic related. Sonic Generations was good (compared to other games) but I just lost all enthusiasm playing it after a while. Couldn't stand modern sonic's "cool guy" dialogue during my playtime. Sounds like it was written by a 14 year old kid. Entire game is so meh all over
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Quake's main appeal is the multiplayer really, the campaign was always pretty meh


OP deleted it maybe? it was a pretty gay thread anyway tbh


its on a video game board of course its gay
oh well


it was the only good thread on this shit board tbh


tranny frowner sageman needs a bisexual smile to lighten up his twatterboi mood

File: 1625697050549.png (471.97 KB, 2500x5562, 1250:2781, a98w4yn.png)


/v/, has vidya become more hit driven? It seems like back in the day player populations for games were pretty well distributed so that you could hop into any game and find a healthy number of players. Now it seems like at any given time there's maybe three dominant games with concurrent player counts larger than half the countries and the rest are struggling to hold on to even the minimum viable number of people. Is this the case and if so what are the ramifications?
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oh also games were getting fuckhuge way before whatever this hdd bitcoin mining shit is that youre talking about


Yeah, my personal theory is that they do it to make the uneducated think the game is better somehow. A lot of people probably assume that more memory = better graphics or more content. That used to happen a lot back in the 80s and 90s too when big filesizes were often used in the game's marketing (there was probably a bit more truth to it back then though)


its probably a little bit of that a little bit of marketer niggery and a lotta bit of sheer incompetence among modern game developers themselves


Maybe also some judaism from the higher-ups because why waste time and money compressing shit if people are happy with bloated games anyway? Seems that way anyway, whenever I seen the topic come up on other boards like 4/v/ or 8/v/ there'd always be some fags saying "lol ur a poorfag just buy more hard drives bro"


gayming is dead

File: 1615560277146.jpg (691.26 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Fallout-1.jpg)


What are /v/'s opinions on this series? Bethesda or Obsidian/Black Isle? 2D or 3D? Do you think there is any hope for the future after the Microsoft and Bethesda merger?
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bethesda is only capable of taking and ruining ideas from the original fallouts


File: 1633633599459.jpg (389.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ss_c37dc3dd1ee7a496b6b3074….jpg)

Thought this might interest some here

>A tactical sci-fi RPG set in an alternative 1970's, where an enormous and inexplicable artifact –the Dome– is discovered in a remote desert. Fight enemies, explore the anomalous wasteland, level up your character, join one of the forces in the ruined world.

Name is Encased


dude looks like le coomer face lol


yah he kinda does just needs a little more teeth in that smile and itd be perfect


interesting, thanks

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