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Hurry now Nintenkeks, the paid ROMs are going back in the vault
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fucking niggercattle in that pic


Actually it's $10 off lmao


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>Nintendo won this E3
<By not getting political and broadcasting their mediocre games that we all have been expecting as usual.
The current state.


File: 1624006992775.png (321.07 KB, 696x418, 348:209, fagg.png)

>"winning E3"


File: 1624020159058.png (960.61 KB, 1200x866, 600:433, nintendronee3.png)

>Nintendo won this E3


I love how they just focused on BoTW: Expanded and Enhanced, it's like deep down they know Nintendo also fucking sucked but they must feel superior compared to the other retards.


Those shitty games in the upper half supposed to be "hype"?


no dude its literally the exact opposite implication


File: 1624155440831.jpg (163.91 KB, 1147x578, 1147:578, Looks the reamining WarioW….jpg)

>You normies don't deserve WarioWare


Not every single game is going to grab you, but if literally nothing at E3 appealed to you that didn't have Nintendo branding, then you are either a tendie or extremely jaded


>going to /v/
go back


Who the fuck are you to tell anyone what to do?


he comes from twitter, land of the bisexual smiles you better respect him and obey him and click any links he posts!


We've fallen so far that every /v/-cap is cuckchan until proven otherwise



really bisexuals my smile


what is it with /v/ autists and immediately trying to shit up every /v/ with the exact same whiny sperging killjoy bullshit?
youve got like twenty other video game boards to sit in and accuse everyone of being reddit for no reason fuck off back to whichever one you came from


bisexual smile posting makes me kek everytiem




>he comes from twitter
They confirmed you can post child pornography because it doesn't involve Qtards or any dangerous thinking.

Why was this board created anyways? Was it to be optimistic? That's too much.


The ones that are easy to pirate? Sunshine got the shit on the stick?


do you know what an iso is


>Why was this board created anyways? Was it to be optimistic? That's too much
Unlike most /v/ boards we actually enjoy playing video games I guess


it was created because there were enough spartmen interested in using it and >we were having a pretty gud time of it but a couple weeks ago the same kind of crybaby that makes every other /v/ unbearable showed up here and i guess theyre here to stay so oh well


I'm just saying Sunshine was always been the black sheep of 3d Bingers.

Because everyone in this place is hyped over the new Metroid, amirite?


point it out so i can SHIT on it hahaha


File: 1624333916005.png (728.79 KB, 980x550, 98:55, Todd Howard's New Super Ma….png)

According to Gaping Historian, the reason why the first Bing-a Ling games were different was:
>Takashi Tezuka stated he wanted to make SMB 2 as a more difficult version than its predecessor, since a good majority of the consumers already conquered the first one.
>SMB 3 took a different route so it wouldn't feel the same thing like the previous 2 games
>And so on with SMW
It's like they took Steve Job's criticism serious and slowly stagnate the quality on their games. Can you tell the difference between the NSMB entries at first sight?


File: 1624335301059.jpg (39.13 KB, 332x720, 83:180, 7d91397bf5880ea9697f4e4687….jpg)

I think the real reason is that Mario is a merchandising powerhouse and a household name. Not as big as Pokemon but still very big, so it's in Nintendo's interest to keep all the characters and items looking familiar. Those two franchises are locked down harder than everything else at Nintendo, because they are the two where the brand is worth more than the games themselves.


In all honesty when they had the K'nex partnership most of the toys were more fun looking than the games they were promoting, the same company that produced official Family Guy lego knockoffs.


Which is bullshit how they go for the easy prey and not their fellow corporation buddies. Did they file a C&D to Stephen Colbert, Dorkly or fucking SNL for profiting with their assets?


you know nintendo allows them to do things with their copyrights for advertising purposes right?
the nips go after fan stuff because it doesnt bring them any profit and theyre also paranoid about being upstaged and losing money


File: 1624423022228.png (701.75 KB, 1668x836, 417:209, 4e4073e281e6c6b896b2f8564b….png)

>Remember Dorkly for the first time in about a decade
>Go look it up just for curiosity
>It still exists and is uploading regularly
>It morphed into one of those generic "geek" variety channels around 2014/15
>Somehow in the last year all the variety content is completely gone and it has reverted back to pixel skits of "pokemon and mario but real life!!!" just like it was 10 years ago

The more things change, the more they stay the same




Fun Fact, Nintendo has created just 3 new IPs for Nintendo Switch: Ring Fit Adventure, Labo, and Arms. That's it. Not a single new IP other than those three.


wtf cardboard isnt an ip


What was there for the Wii U in comparison? All I can think of is Splatoon and Wonderful 101


i keep forgetting the wii u existed at all


bayo 2 and….smash 4…..and….


not even smash 4 though because it came out on 3ds too though it was gimped af


I actually preferred the stages in the 3DS version tbh


that shit was still gimped
iirc they even cut the ice climbers from both versions just because they couldnt get them to work on the 3ds but maybe that was some bullshit someone fed me i dunno
all i know is it sucked p hard with the 3ds controls


the best Yoshi game there is
captain toad
star fox
tokyo mirage sessions
donky kong
fatal frame
mario kart
mario maker


Yeah it had some great games (half the Switch library is just Wii U ports) but we were talking about new IPs. Which Nintendo pretty much gave up on after the Gamecube.


oh sorry thought you were talking exclusives when i saw smash and bayo yeah it had no new ip other than wonderful and splat and captain toad but that was a mini game but i think that mini game started on the mario3d game on wiiu so that probably counts


File: 1624687041711.jpg (308.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captain-Toad-7.jpg)

Feels borderline to me. Technically it's an original IP but it borrows heavily from Mario right down to the assets. It doesn't really have it's own distinct identity like Luigi's Mansion does.


well you used a screenshot of a mario odyssey level from the switch port


I don't see what you're getting at


just that you posted a pic that' a level directly based on a mario game but you still do have a point it looks like ots in the mario universe for sure. i will say the gameplay itself is unique from any other nintendo ip ive played


Yeah, I wasn't trying to shit on it, I wish it had more of a unique personality to it but it's a neat little game for what it is.


yeah i realized i was being defensive for no real reason, what you said is true.

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