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What the hell is going on over there at Activision? His statement is weird as fuck too


That last quote sounds like something from those motivational quotes for womyn lol


Jeff "Live, Laugh, Love" Kaplan


File: 1619795272550.png (943.5 KB, 798x680, 399:340, tfb.png)

Toys for Bob is now a support studio for Warzone. That means every single studio at Activision is working on Call of Duty


File: 1620610023074.webm (1.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jeff kikeplan banning you….webm)

Oy vey, I leeched enough goyim blood.


Based Blizzard punishing people for playing their games


>banning players from your platforms for wrongthink taken place outside of your sphere
this is possibly the most retarded initiative ive ever heard of
isn't blizzard a public company?
who the fuck would allow intentionally blacklisting your potential customers??


F Tigole
S Jeff Kaplan


It's to keep whales happy. The ones that buy all the skins and lootboxes


This reminds me of that shit where people get fired from their jobs for posting a mildly offensive joke on Facebook 15 years ago


hate is never ok
the sanctity of niggers feelings is more important than any supposed 'right'


File: 1624329677148.png (358.13 KB, 512x544, 16:17, Jeff Kikeplan killing tf2 ….png)

Overwatch lived died like a TF2 alternative and nothing else, funny how Overwatchfags are now using Fortnite as their scapegoat while completely ignoring they're the ones who started with the:
>Change is good, don't be a cuckservative playing TF2, move to OW
Literally the only reason why this game is popular was because of its marketing plus the retarded e-celebs who wanted to stayed relevant.


>funny how Overwatchfags are now using Fortnite as their scapegoat
Who is saying that? Overwatch died because they stopped releasing new content, so players just moved over to Apex. Only the most hardcore Blizzdrones deny that Blizzard straight up abandoned the game.




>see a post i strongly agree with (ironically)
>post my reply
my own fucking post lel


There was a some sort of apartheid among the Team Based Shooters community, who would stick to TF2 or who would move out, that is until Epic Games would double down on their retarded advertisement and even spam on imageboards thus becoming a bigger punching bag for Blizzdrones. Ironically enough, the remaining TF2 tards would admit that Apex Legends feels more like a successor to their zombie game than Overwatch, Apex offering uglier character designs.

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