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File: 1620988424830.jpg (236.49 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, playstationmajorfranchises….jpg)


>According to Hermen Hulst, a Guerrilla cofounder whom Jim Ryan tapped to lead PlayStation Studios in 2019, the group has more than 25 titles in development for the PS5—nearly half of which are entirely new IP. “There’s an incredible amount of variety originating from different regions,” Hulst says. “Big, small, different genres.”

Guess they saw Microsoft's big swinging acquisitions cock and realized they can't make two games a year any more. Finally some good news for the nogaems station 5 I guess


File: 1620992534619.jpg (99.8 KB, 709x535, 709:535, 1352835233785.jpg)

lel guess this old meme is still true today


File: 1621022138866.jpg (635.46 KB, 1920x951, 640:317, reddit gaming, cartoons ch….jpg)

>Self pitying faggot
>Manages to be a bigger fat fucking joke compared to a Super Mario character
>He can't do no wrong because of his libtarded beliefs
>Produced by manchildren who can't take criticism
>They don't change, the whole environment has to change for them just to make sure you can tell the difference
>Always have to talk like if they belong to a reddit subforum: "american capitalism is raping other
people" "fuck fuck fuck shit shit, I can't 'faggot' or 'retard' anymore because of their feelings at IMDB"


File: 1621035784614.jpg (60.05 KB, 608x358, 304:179, tameem v dante.jpg)

I get the feeling that a lot of those "generic white guy" characters are actually idealized self-inserts of the devs, kinda like Donte


frank west is a bretty gud character tho


Yeah I lik Snek and Niko too, but looking purely at character design they're a little boring I guess


File: 1621040931953.jpg (116.83 KB, 709x535, 709:535, 1620992534619.jpg)

eh frank and exhibitionist lizard were created before it was really a trend so i dont count them
chris too i guess but he was always a boring character even when resident evil first came out
as far as i can tell all those other characters are 2007 and later but niko and shepard are the only ones i'm really sure about in that regard i dont know any of these guys


now that i'm looking closer almost all of those guys in the red are wearing the same jacket too even the clothes are all the same wtf




not everything is racebaiting bro, that image is from before politics faggotry dominated the internet


Or the bald guy from Bayonetta, the only guy who felt inside her pussy.


Never thought about that but honestly the idea of Kamiya self-inserting as a buff black guy sounds believable


File: 1621275886789.jpg (141.39 KB, 746x561, 746:561, Are ToeJam and Earl nigger….jpg)

>Adds niggers and wom*n
<wtf you're sexist and racist!!!!11
I was trying to find the article of an asshurt journo who couldn't play the third entry because there were too many racial stereotypes, it on his 10 worst games of all time.


Who are you even quoting


The reviewer in question.


do niggers even know about toejam and earl at all?


I do

It good game. Like everything about it


New sony isn't as good as old Sony though

cool picture though


kot simulator: dystopia edition


Looks a bit too scripted for me, but I'm not really disappointing since it's Annapurna, they are obviously going to gravitate towards movie games (and they have some actual games in the works too)

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