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ive been having cravings for playing a game with a similar aesthetic to these. not sure what you'd call it, a gloomy and subterranean atmosphere? urban decay? all i know is all of these gave me the same feeling of being caught in a damp grimy hole in the earth or a semi-abandoned underground civilization (i guess that's pretty much what hollow knight and rainworld are) and there's something really appealing about that, but i don't know where to look for other games that are like this, any suggestions?


also for anyone who hasnt played it carrion was way too fuckin short but its really fun while it lasts, great for killing a couple hours if youre bored heres a link for it


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Condemned, horror detective game where every level is a different abandoned building. Bit different from what you listed but I think you will love the atmosphere


ive played both condemneds, theyre both bretty gud (second one not so much in the last third tho) but theyre really not the same
im having a really hard time putting it to words like the games i listed are dark and gloomy but theyre not absolutely soul crushing to behold like condemned can be
god damn i wanna play condemned now too though i hope i didnt lose the disc


Super Metroid maybe? Not exactly the same aesthetic but it gives me similar feels with the dark backgrounds, feelings of isolation and ambient music. I'm guessing you've probably already played that though


i actually havent played super metroid before though ive played zero mission and fusion which i would also say fit this general aesthetic im looking for pretty well. though fusion kinda sucked and was set in space and not in a dank cave-like environment.
the first metroid prime kinda does too now that i think about it. i think maybe what im looking for is games with gloomy decaying alien worlds. i dont know if thats too general of a description for the feeling but it would explain why condemned doesnt really fit the bill while metroid prime does despite condemened being full of gloom decay and isolation. its just not a strange enough setting i guess


that one underground/train/ship game that mandalore played


You should try out Super Metroid, atmosphere-wise it's basically the same as Prime but in 2D. Also maybe try one of the Metroid 2 remakes. AM2R is good, but I've never played the official 3DS one so I can't comment on that


i dont know who that is
i wasnt entirely turthful about that ive played the first 10 minutes of it like 5 times over the years but never went beyond that for some reason. i like what i see every time but then never come back after getting sidetracked by other shit, ive been meaning to give it an actual go and force myself to stick with it so nows as good a time as any
>metroid 2 remakes
i was unaware of this i only knew about the gameboy one
thanks budy


Embedding error.
>i dont know who that is
fairly decent vidya tuber
obviously browses /v/ and other shit
generally not a fag and good sense of humor


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alternatively the sequel


Mandalore and GGGmanlives are so boring and more often than not have shit opinions, I have no idea why people rate them so much higher than other reviewers




i'll watch these later but if he has cuck voice and does that
==HEYA WWWWEEEELLLCOME TO BLUHBLUH== shit swear to god i will rudely disregard everything you ever say again


he does neither
the fuck would i watch some fag that does that


Embedding error.
if you wanna watch some of his best reviews, wathc this one first. it'll let you know if you'll like his humor


ive been recommended some pretty gay shit by anons in surprising places so i never assume anyone has gud taste


you're replying but haven't watched yet?
start >>2027


im gonna i came here just now to click that shit and dtmwtd


ok his voice isnt obnoxious and he isnt lel so wacky ex dee dee dee with his humor thanks for not tricking me anonymous stranger


also this sunless sea game looks like about what im asking for thanks again


the game he mentions at the start of the review, Darkwood i think it was? he has a review of that too, i'd check it out also.
ya his humor is pretty dry with lots of subtle chan references in there. pretty comfy tbh


i tried darkwood i couldnt really get into it which is a shame because its spooky af but something about the inventory management rubbed me the wrong way


i lik sseth

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