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im still having trouble wrapping my head around how that game got past even the lowest standard quality control even thinking of it as a money laundering scheme doesnt make much sense because there was clearly some effort there
its like there was no one around willing to say 'this idea is fucking stupid redo it'


It was an experiment for Square Enix, give Yuji Naka a bunch of money and see what happens. Failure was always an option


idk much about the guy but looking at that face id say failure was the only option


Yuji Naka programmed Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star
Naoto Oshima designed the art of Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star

Other than that they have very mediocre careers but that's why Square Enix was willing to stake so much on them and give them so much freedom


>Yuji Naka programmed Sonic the Hedgehog

He got that idea after watching a playthrough of Super mario being done in faster speed. He hasn't made good games in a while tbh


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>He hasn't made good games in a while tbh
lit every named dev from "the good old days"


Suda 51
Hideki Kamiya/Platinum games developers


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*blocks your path*


Highly debatable. Novel games are cool, but cool doesn't mean good and Miyamoto taking credit for Nintendo games is like Poo-in-the-loo Nadella taking credit for xbox games.
pity reply


Miyamoto is kinda responsible for creating the games


Heard Rodea the Sky Soldier's pretty decent aside from Kadokawa making worse versions for the 3DS and Wii-U and that end of game bug on the Wii version due to NISA. Though he served the Producer role there as opposed to being Director ala Balan.

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