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What are we thinking? Looks decent for a L4D clone but there was barely any enemies on screen at any moment, I wonder how the game will handle hordes if it even has any. Also the game seems weirdly vibrant, better than grey-brown piss filter but still a bit nauseating


>What are we thinking?

It's capcom so nothing


File: 1623541109327.png (646.97 KB, 1710x900, 19:10, rainbow-six-extraction.png)

>It's capcom so nothing


remember when ubisoft made tactical shooters?
remember when Tom Clancy was a living person?
remember when new games were exciting?


be sads wif me :'(


File: 1623649348171.mp4 (10.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, readyornot.mp4)

Right now it sucks, but I'm whitepilled about the future of the industry. EA, Ubisoft, Activision etc. are so busy with shitty mobile tier games that other companies can just jack their ideas. Like vid related, it's the modern Rainbow Six successor everyone was asking for. And it looks 10x more polished and well crafted than any 2021 Ubishit game would be. Tons more games like this are going to come in the next decade as publishers try to appeal to the customers that the major companies have just left behind


I always thought most ubisoft games were ok to passable in terms of shooters


Ready or not is vapourware bordering on a marketing scam. All the 'gameplay' trailers are just heavily scripted AI stuff or pre-pre-alpha footage of shooting guns at walls and the influencer-only open beta thing they had was a disaster.

>Like vid related, it's the modern Rainbow Six successor everyone was asking for.

Ground Branch would be my pick for a modern Rainbow Six and even then it's not really finished enough to be worth paying for.


Damn, I wasn't following the game closely, that's lame. It has a real publisher though which puts it above 99% of early access scam games. Team17 have delivered on a lot of good games so I trust them to release the game in a good state.


Is there anything unique about it at all? R6 PVE edition?
I haven't played it and I'm bored of it already

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