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Just fuck my Arkane up fam


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no wonder dishonered 2 was pozzed garbage


Women shouldn't be allowed to make anything.


What the hell is she doing on a redneck area? I thought counties with gun control were more friendly towards corporations.


>a woman
>with that fucking chin


Well the irony then is that a man who wants to be a woman shouldn't be allowed to make anything either.


imo the best way to deal with these games is to let them make them, but not buy them and ignore them entirely. When we complain about them on the internet like this these kinds of devs view it as a victory because any kind of publicity is good for sales, and on a personal level they probably feel good about themselves for triggering the evil nazi racists


I haven't bought a game since like 2010 so that's not an issue.


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I agree with your point about not getting worked up about it but not buying games doesn't seem to do anything. Nobody bought Death of the Outsider, it had even lower sales than Dishonored 2 which itself was considered a flop. It was so poorly received that Dishonored has now been shelved as a franchise. Arkane previously worked with MachineGames on a tongue-in-cheek co-op open world shooter (Youngblood) which was another commercial flop and universally hated by fans.

Despite all that, Arkane's next project is a tongue-in-cheek co-op open world shooter, with a story by the lead writer of DotO. Voting with your wallet doesn't seem to do much.


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That's because we live in the world of political doubling down. Even if your game/film is an identity politics pozzfest that rightfully flops, they just throw more money at sequel/similar project to BTFO the racist Dup supporters who obviously were at fault for it flopping.


austin is tegas' version of san francisco

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