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This was pretty much expected, hopefully they don't get railroaded into the Sony action-adventure template and they are given some freedom to experiment. Also I wonder when Bluepoint will get to make their own games or if they will forever be relegated to a remake studio


Who gives a fuck. What experiments lol? Shitty western studios that will make nothing but soy garbage for shitty Soyny that's run by kikes now. Modern gaming is a joke.


This trend of the big companies buying up every small studio worries me a little. I'm guessing it's to fill up the libraries of their nogaems machines with exclusives. But with streaming services for vidya on the rise I'm worried that it'll become the same as the current video streaming market where you'll have to subscribe to like 10 different services to be able to play everything, except worse because at least with Netflix/Amazon Prime/Crunchyroll/whatever else you have the option to just pirate that shit


>streaming services for vidya on the rise
lel no, there are no serious streaming services for video games
they closest thing that is actually usable are subscription services like ea play or xbox ultimate where you still download games so they can be cracked and pirated


Yeah right now they're not really viable unless you have sanic speed internet, but I think they'll become more popular in the future when speeds improve. Services like PS Plus and Xbox game pass are already popular and I can see streaming being the natural evolution of those since people would like the convenience of being able to just play a game without waiting for downloads. Kind of like how Netflix and Spotify largely killed off movie and music piracy (at least among normies) for that same reason


it's not rlly about speed tho its latency
if u've got 6gorillion bits per second upload and download, but you have 30ms ping to their datacenter it'll be noticeably worse than playing locally


If it was just Xbox and Sony swinging their dicks around I would agree with you but that's not the full picture, most of the small and mid-sized publishers are also expanding and making acquisitions.


File: 1625155780342.png (595.4 KB, 708x398, 354:199, 31d0566c4a781b5e810c93ff32….png)

Now they bought a company that mainly specializes in PC ports for some reason


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>Xbox exclusives on PC day one
>Sony making PC ports a priority
>Switch emulation progressing well



i just want gran turismo 7 on pc
it's probably the only thing that would make me buy a new gpu


Just play Forza bro


forza is gud but its not the same type of game it has way more arcadey physics and stuff
i play both and their both good at what they do


I haven't played either series for a long time but remember preferring Forza, GT is alright but for the later games I feel like you need to be a huge car nerd to appreciate the autistic level of detail


yea tbh i prefer forza to gt but i feel like theyre gonna fuck up the next one by by adding penalties and ghosting into the first corner and stuff they wanna make it more of a serious competitive game i think
i like forza because online is a clusterfuck of ramming and overly aggressive driving but if u look at some of the later patches to forza 7 theyre tryna make a shittier version of gt


Just emulate the old gran turismo games then. Not much of a difference between them

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