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File: 1625154855160.png (568.09 KB, 445x642, 445:642, RF_Merc_Heavy3.png)


>*One-shots you through a wall*


File: 1625155179367.jpg (95.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, xxx.jpg)

>*destroys your imageboard*


File: 1625156111822.jpg (71.55 KB, 840x673, 840:673, 278-2788627_goomba-super-m….jpg)

>run into it
>killed immediately
This is bullshit, Miyamoto is such a fucking hack


File: 1625159164261.png (5.85 KB, 129x177, 43:59, Just let me call a few doz….png)

Oh hey guys, what's going on in this thread?


fuck this faggot


Is this from Quake OP?


looks like qbert


Late game enemy from Red Faction.


Damage reflection in general when you are not using it at least


>Bullshit enemies
>*One-shots you through a wall*

CS:GO in a nutshell


you mean 1.6, GO nerfed wallbanging all to hell


CSGO is so bad. Holy shit

Nothing but hackers and cheaters that never get banned


ont he flip side, you can say nigger unimpeded


how long ago was 1k?


Wouldn't you get a ban for that?


by cheating more and getting VAC banned?


>he isnt gud enough to cheat without getting b&
next youll tell me your smile isnt bisexual


cheating is for faggots


if cheating was for faggots then ehy do they always win? hold me tranny frownbros…




I wouldn't call getting aids winning


but they get all the achievements
we got a tranny frowner over here


>I wouldn't call getting aids winning

This. Fuck all cheaters. They swiftly make any game into shit

>but they get all the achievements

Which means literally nothing because achievements are just digital pellets that have 0 real life value and you can just pay someone to get them all for you tbh


all joking aside csgo isnt even worth getting upset about in any way the game just sucks all around the hackers and cheaters are a symptom not the main disease



Team fortress 2, fortnite and Warframe are better games than that anyway. Even halo games are more tolerable than CSGO at this point


File: 1626487370052.jpg (46.24 KB, 500x350, 10:7, 5684gs6d8rt.jpg)

you need to be at least 18 years old to post here, anon


says who there aint no fuckin rule about that here


>Fuck all cheaters. They swiftly make any game into shit
I remember playing DS games online when literally everyone was just fucking around with Action Replay codes, shit was pretty fun


theres a happy medium with cheating thats rally hard to define and even harder to maintain
shit like aimbots is fuckin gay and stupid on its own but doing funny stuff with it can be a blast if its timed right or if you catch the right sperg off guard with it


We like fortnite
We like fortnite
We like fortnite


>really hard to define
you let players run their own servers where they're able to disable the anticheat
that's it
that's virtually everything



Modded servers are ok for dicking around and getting achievements or something. But stuff like aimbot is cancer tier


>you need to be at least 18 years old to post here, anon

That was just a meme post I made. I should have just said among us and roblox instead of fortnine


File: 1626745936348.png (65.74 KB, 198x225, 22:25, Kleer_SS3.png)


mr. bones is not so bad once you get the super shotty. Just shoot him once while you dodge the lunge and then circlestrafe and hit him again while he's in cooldown


>Serious Sam

gud game series


i hated the hit scan scorpions and the homing fireball demons a whole lot more kleers arent even difficult


man fuck hitscanners


kleer are way worse
if you are playing on serious, you always have to prioritize them

them scorpions are bad but you can always just run for cover with them


lolno literally just >>3662 it works even in srs difficulty meanwhile just one of the fuckin scorpions will decimate you before you get to cover unless you see them first
i am talking only about tfe and tse though i havent played any of the others so maybe they turn into serious bullshit tier in the other games?

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