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>Volodymyr Kvashuk was hired by Microsoft as a security engineer to work on its ecommerce infrastructure. Kvashuk however was quick to notice a bug in the system which he then started exploiting to send real codes for Xbox gift cards to him without having to pay.

>Microsoft has a test store which allows employees to make fake digital purchases in order to assess backend changes. The bug in question made the same digital purchases but for the real store and without verifying a payment method. Kvashuk was supposed to report the bug, but instead used it to generate working digital codes for Xbox gift cards which he was selling online at discounted prices.

>Microsoft fired Kvashuk in June 2018 and presented its finding for a legal pursuit. Kvashuk in the meanwhile was able to purchase his own lakefront house worth $1.675 million with the killing he made with his stolen Xbox gift cards.





howd he get caught? howd he get that many dollary doos before kikekrosoft caught him?


shouldve ran away to russia or wherever his name is from
hed would live like a king and they'd never extradite him


if hes from ukraine hed be fucked though


>hire guy specifically to find security vulnerabilities
>he finds them
>microshaft doesnt fix it
>prolly dont give the guy a bonus/raise either
>act surprised when he uses vulnerabilities to steal millions of dollhairs
dude did nothing wrong tbh




plus, imo, the fact he got off with 10 fucking mill BEFORE they noticed
idk sounds like they need to hire a few more security engineers
and maybe not recruit ruskie1337h4x0rs.io


even if he didnt report it and just straight up stole it all he did nothing wrong fuck m$ and everyone who works for them


i think the name seems like ukrainian style
had he fled back he would definitely have been deported since they /our/ guys nao
(by which i mean their government answers to the state department)


voldemorts def a ukranian name


>accumulate 10 mil tax free
>quit msft
>move to some shithole african nation
>pay corrupt gov officials to make you a new identity
>from there move to some south american shithole (upgrade)
>live out life NEET style, immune from the feds


couldn't you take it one step further and go back to america or europe claiming political asylum…


ew why would you want to at this point




that only works if your a subhuman brown

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