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/v/, has vidya become more hit driven? It seems like back in the day player populations for games were pretty well distributed so that you could hop into any game and find a healthy number of players. Now it seems like at any given time there's maybe three dominant games with concurrent player counts larger than half the countries and the rest are struggling to hold on to even the minimum viable number of people. Is this the case and if so what are the ramifications?


I seem to feel that the opposite is happening actually, with so many new games being released, dividing the player base among them. Maybe what you are feeling, are old games that become ghost towns after the next title in the series ir fotm is released
All my own impression, dont have hard numbers to back it up.


I've also heard rumors that the reason for the hueg file sizes in big AAA Western games these days is to force you into uninstalling a competitor's game


i think its mostly just fucking DRM. like 40GB of uncompressed textures and spaghetti code game engine, 40GB literal spyware.
but i wouldnt be shocked to hear that theyve thought of it like this. i just dont think its the primary motivator

>I seem to feel that the opposite is happening actually, with so many new games being released, dividing the player base among them
i feel this
with AAA as big as it is now, theres no reason NOT to try to swing for the fences on every pitch. if you even get one WoW, or cowadoody, or GTA5, or fortnight or whatever tf people play now, itll pay for all the strikeouts 100x over. then you can just coast and sell DLC and/or hats for the next 10yrs.
the rest of the failures can just be nice cozy little tax write-offs

but yea with online/live service type stuff it seems kinda counterintuitive. not only do you have to make a game thats engaging enough to get people to sign up en masse, but you also need to drag those players from the clutches of whatever game theyre currently obsessed with. easier said than done. and since these games are usually entirely based around their online multiplayer, if you cant fill up those servers QUICK, people are gonna drop it more or less immediately and just go back to the game thats more active


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The worst thing about the whole "gaming as a service" thing for me is how they're actually designed to be addictive, as some anons pointed out in a different thread here. I mean it's true that only retards fall for this shit but it still feels malicious. Maybe it'll die off a little with a lot of countries around the world regulating or outright banning gacha shit but they'll probably just find loopholes (already happening in Japan iirc)


I don't buy this for a second and now that all the competent people have left the slave labour of AAA development you can easily explain large file sizes with Hanlon's razor. If a potential player doesn't have space on his disk to install a game that's creating churn and just as likely to repel that player before he can even try your game, especially if it's the F2P garbage most wont to do this kind of manipulation. Bigger files also mean a system requirements creep and longer load time which further limits the potential audience and alienates the playerbase.
please don't be a tripfriend enabler
>only retards fall for this
vid related. People aren't retarded, they're just "busy". How should busy people know to check even their vidya for thievery?


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vid didn't upload


>designed to be addictive
not really a new concept in particular, but definitely wasnt to this level
like back with diablo 2, it was criticized as a loot treadmill.
and it absolutely fucking was albeit a p fun one
but that was then, and now they have god knows how much more detailed market research on how to manipulate that dopamine dripfeed
they have it down to an absolute science

>feels malicious.

it is
at least with the F2P model read: P2W you got most people coming in for a free game, then a bunch of whales basically funding the whole product. after the freebies have their fun, theyll move on, but the whales will be there till their last cent is spent.
got no pity for those retards
but then the industry decided:
<what if it was F2P, but without the F?
and all the suits and board members collective boners tore a hole in the sky.
now you have full price games, with piecemeal DLC every other month, PLUS all the P2W bullshit atop it

even then, unless they accidentally hit it out of the park with muh fortnight 2, it kinda works against them.
theyll get all the initial sales of the game proper, but then as they destroy their own in-game economy, those freebies are more likely to drop the game even sooner
and like i said before, as soon as your servers are a ghosttown, its ogre. maybe the whales will stick it out, but even some of them are far more likely to move on to whatevers more active, because a full price game usually means you get a full price experience, and a full price experience excludes the constant stream of newfags that keep most F2P shit afloat/active.
if the game only exists with active multiplayer, wtf is it when everyone leaves?
buncha overpriced nothin

even total NEETs who play WoW, only have time to play WoW
there can only be one of these major games at a time for any given demographic

theyre designing their own disposability
doesnt seem sustainable to me, but its clearly profitable in the near term


<yahoo right below facebook
is just their email and yahoo finance? maybe fantasy sports?


>even total NEETs who play WoW, only have time to play WoW
that's not true
a lot of the hardcore no lifers would play other shit when they were done with whatever the current cycle of raids was
this dude I played with went and tore through all the single player content in SWTOR in about a month before a new tier dropped
beasted through d3 before MoP dropped
and would fuck around in PoE leagues in his downtime
I mean there are some REAL no lifers out there that hop from game to game but it is still usually in that same MMO/looty shooty genre.


idk all my buddies i knew that WoWd,only WoWd
maybe some LoL thrown in for variety
that was way back tho
idk what its like now

point is that these live service model games are designed to eat up the vast majority of ones time. the treadmill is paced in a way to make actually grinding it out legit to be ridiculously arduous, thus incentivizing the P2W mechanics. so youre spending money to play it, sometimes to subscribe to it too, and that means youre generally only gonna have time to take one or two "seriously".
but with a bunch coming out every year, that leaves the demographic spread thin, and generally only one of them will be the "next big thing". after all, its a specific type of gaymer that goes for these types of games
i think theyre boring af

i mean that charts from 5yrs ago
im sure its changed quite a bit since then undoubtedly for the worse
15/16 leading up to the election was a big time for large communication conglomerates absorbing smaller ones


iirc they're still the biggest search engine in grorious Nippon and a few other Asian countries


yea i think youre right. iirc theyre allowed in china too. and since google isnt, thats a lot of traffic


thats retarded logic hdds and even ssds have gotten way cheaper per gb even with this corona bullshit and the economy being deliberately fucked in the ass digital storage isnt in short supply


yah but theyre still way cheaper and more available than they were 8 or so years ago shit like 4tb external hds would be a couple hundred dollars and ssds were like three times as expensive for maybe a quarter of the space


oh also games were getting fuckhuge way before whatever this hdd bitcoin mining shit is that youre talking about


Yeah, my personal theory is that they do it to make the uneducated think the game is better somehow. A lot of people probably assume that more memory = better graphics or more content. That used to happen a lot back in the 80s and 90s too when big filesizes were often used in the game's marketing (there was probably a bit more truth to it back then though)


its probably a little bit of that a little bit of marketer niggery and a lotta bit of sheer incompetence among modern game developers themselves


Maybe also some judaism from the higher-ups because why waste time and money compressing shit if people are happy with bloated games anyway? Seems that way anyway, whenever I seen the topic come up on other boards like 4/v/ or 8/v/ there'd always be some fags saying "lol ur a poorfag just buy more hard drives bro"


gayming is dead

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