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wtf is Lost Alpha good now? Also STALKER general I guess.


STALKER is a little too jank for me. I am looking forward to STALKER 2 though


Am I a filthy casul for skipping CS? played it for a few hours after finishing SoC and hated how much bleeding affects you while also making bandages a lot rarer and more expensive


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there's some fun to be extracted from the faction war mechanic but the vanilla gameplay is pretty garbage. I quit vanilla when your throwing arm was as accurate as an AK. To make it fun I had to install Arsenal Overhaul and even then manually tweak all the guns so that a few layers of kevlar doesn't turn a 7,62x39 FMJ into a nerf dart. I don't blame you if you miss out but you are still missing out. also pic related


I haven't delved much into modding yet but wouldn't it be better to just play something like CoC or Anomaly for faction wars?


better? maybe. maybe not.
better in the same way? not at all.


Why's there so much hate for Anomaly on /v/ boards recently? Is it just contrarianism because it's popular? I've been trying it out recently and it seems pretty fun. Some of the survival sim autism is a bit excessive though


tbh lost alpha was p gud when i played it like a year and a half ago

do anomaly
its a 64-bit engine fork/mod thats highly customizable without having to change random slav code via lua files or whatever tf those holhols used i cant remember
much much much more stable than any other version of stalker ive ever played. iirc it has the zone reclamation patch built-in, so that alone should deal with a majority of the jank/crashes. i had maybe 2 or 3 CTDs over several hundreds of hours
its also is similar to the call of chernobyl mod where it has all 3 games maps together, and is set up as a sandbox where you can start as any faction, and mod in whatever quests you want

do be careful with going overboard with too many additional mods tho. its made to be compatible with a lot of stalker mods, but for obvious reasons, dumping waaaayyyy too many different mods together can cause compatibility issues/bugs

tl;dr https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly


Thanks, if I check it out again it will be this mod. But I think I will just hang on for Stalker 2 since that's right around the corner.


>Why's there so much hate for Anomaly on /v/ boards recently?
>Is it just contrarianism because it's popular?
yes of course
its fucking v
its the mod junkies dream mod cuz you can make it into whatever tf you want
the only complaint is that, vanilla, its rather empty
which is obv the entire point as its made as a sandbox to be customized

>Some of the survival sim autism is a bit excessive though

i remember one of the versions had some rly stupid gun repair mechanics that i hated
but they change that shit entirely like every update so idk wtf its like now

that said, some of those survival mechanics can be p cool imo if youre doing an ironman run
rly adds a whole new level of abject terror to the zone
ironman is the penultimate way to stalk imo
or if you dont wanna reset too much you can make it so each day you survive gives you another life


also if youre the guy who was asking whether or not to play the base games or just go straight to the mods, id honestly recommend the former. or at least some of them
>SoC is an absolute hood classic imo, but it was essentially a low-budget indie game, and is admittedly very crude
<CS introduced a lot of cool mechanics, and imo has the coolest lore in it, but it was unfortunately a very rushed game and is by far the most jank
>CoP is by far the most polished of the 3. i suppose if youre keen on skipping the vanilla games, youll prolly have the best time with that one
skipping the base games will mean youll miss out on a lot of the cool lore/world-building, and thus miss out on a lot of the atmosphere which is clearly the games biggest strength

regardless, in all 3 cases even if you want the vanilla experience, DO NOT PLAY THEM UNPATCHED
each game has their own zone reclamation project patch which are fan patches that fixes a majority of the jank


I heard the Stalker sequels are just remixes / expansions to the first game, is that true?


no theyre all separate stories
each MC gets referenced by NPCs in subsequent games as sort of folk legends.
and the consequences of each MCs travels end up effecting/shaping the zone
id be more specific but id rather let you spoil it for yourself if you want to

all the games are set in the same zone tho, so there are a lot of common maps/areas across games
certainly not the exact same tho, as the zone is very dynamic and erratic. so some areas that were previously p safe are now totally infested with bloodsuckers, or made impossible to traverse due to anomalies, and vice versa


here i found the old 8vg OP template
idk if any of these links still work as theyre like 2yrs old now, but hopefully a few of them will still be of some use

Quickstart Guide


Mods and Modding

>General Guide


>The Zone Manual: Every Mod You'll Ever Need for the True Ukrainian Experience


Game Repositories

>Game Repacks + Utilities


>Shadow of Chernobyl


>Clear Sky


>Call of Pripyat


>Call of Chernobyl


>S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Collection + Mods


Contents of the above magnet: https://pastebin.com/jWyyBcLN


File: 1628440216400.jpeg (1.75 MB, 2500x1875, 4:3, AYYYYY.jpeg)

>starting with the sequel to a game
>expecting a thrice canceled slav sequel over a decade later to be any good
>every """""spiritual successor"""" has been terrible
I bet you started Fallout with 3, to.


yea sergay has a fancy car and an inflated ego now
itll prolly suck


>starting with the sequel to a game
The developers themselves said you don't need to play any of the previous games to play STALKER 2.

>expecting a thrice canceled slav sequel over a decade later to be any good

When it comes out, I'll let you know


>I bet you started Fallout with 3
I'm pretty sure most people did besides a few ancient boomers, doesn't stop you from enjoying the older games afterwards


wtf this doesnt fit my arbitrary standards of order get out


>rly stupid gun repair mechanics that i hated
Yeah that shit is still there, but you can also just pay repair guys like in the vanilla game so it's no big deal


we need a final solution to the phoneposter question


>he doesn't shitpost at work
never gonna make it


hear hear!


this is what i was looking for
i played stalker a while back and wanted to do a second run but with a good overhaul mod

first time through i just used bug fixes and resolution stuff everything else was vanilla

i want to try again but this time play through all the side quest stuff


Will the new stalker be good though?


File: 1629153975189.jpg (203.22 KB, 1680x945, 16:9, 2020-07-23-image-22.jpg)

Xbox being involved seems like a good sign. Doesn't mean it will be GOAT or anything but if Xbox jumped for exclusivity then that means there must be something there, and it's not just scam bullshit


this is the single greatest argument I've heard for stalker 2 to be bad


Doesn't matter, it could be the game of the decade /v/ contrarians will still trash it


if youre not being sarcastic what in allahs name makes you think theres no scam shit hidden in there somewhere?


There is probably some "scam" element, they will oversell some features or show bullshots which is very standard in video game marketing. I'm not so gullible that I think every game is going to be exactly like it was advertised. But in that context I meant genuine scams, games that literally don't exist or that stay in development for years and years. Stuff like Star Citizen, or worse. I don't know what quality STALKER 2 will be or how fun it will be, but I do know it's at least a real game which will either be finished or cancelled, unlike scam games which just stay in early access forever.


not being in permanent beta testing is an incredibly low bar tbh but i guess >we'll have to wait and see
assuming my toaster can handle it i'll pirate and try it at least


m8 phoneposts are the literal opposite of that formatting
phones dont have a return key, and their text just wraps so you just end up with a nauseating giant single block of text


>making long af tealdeers at all


From the trailer it looks decent enough, but it seems really modernized since they're obviously going for the mainstream console audience. I don't think it'll be a bad game but it also seems like it'll be lacking in the charm and atmosphere that the old games had


illiterate whiny nigger
no ones twisting your arm


im sure itll be like skyrim was to morrowind
immensely casualized, most features gone, much easier, less atmosphere etc

the thing im worried about is if they try to make it one long interconnected world.
the reason the old ones had so much variety was due to the segmented open world design. each map could be radically different as they didnt have to try to transition from one to the other in-game
i just know its gonna be like skyrim where its fucking blizzard arctic biome 5ft from a lush green meadow


File: 1630071150699.png (527.84 KB, 640x479, 640:479, ClipboardImage.png)

i haven't played stalker:s.o.c. since 2008 but it was fun for a while, i like the pseudo-realism combat but got bored with [repetitive/gonna take ya a couple 80 hours to get past this part] survivalist genre tropes

just gimme iron sights, semi-realistic ballistics and an assortment of funz and a physics+community less queer than CS oh wait that was infiltration mod thru AA2 thru battlefield 2 thru bf3 BUT """""""""THEY""""""""" TOOK IT FROM ME


hospice gaming forever


You should try out CoP if you haven't already, it's a lot more polished than SoC and less repetitive since the sidequests are actually good. SoC still has more SOUL though


dasrite nobody reads your shit cause nobody has to you wasted your time


i have a hospice laptop rn, will try it when i build my BigRig


how old?
i had like a 10yo craptop that ran it ok


File: 1630157692998.png (39.84 KB, 1372x416, 343:104, ClipboardImage.png)


tbh thats pretty fucking close to what i had
id imagine CoP would work if you didnt go crazy on all the settings
its like a 10yo game


I had a shitty Satellite laptop like that myself before and managed to run New Vegas on it so STALKER is probably doable, those games are designed for Slavic potato tier PCs. Hell my current machine is a fucking toaster and it manages to run Anomaly with DX8 mode


>games are designed for Slavic potato tier PCs
id argue their optimized for em
i have more issues with these games nowadays than i used to
thats what made anomalys 64-bit engine so nice


gud game?


imo its the best mod
its just a sandbox tho, so you need to add stuff to it
its what CoC was trying to be before it got abandoned
and the 64-bit engine the modders made is just much more stable on 64-bit PCs obv like i said, so that helps


oh yah youre gud i had some shitty prebuilt computer that was assembled in like 2007 that could run stalker
it chugged like a motherfucker sometimes but it worked

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