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why are arena shooters so dead? they've got the highest skill ceiling and the lowest requirements, all you need is a toaster and another person to duel so why aren't they flourishing like say, fighting games?


I think people still play the classics a lot, it's just that the majority of people would rather just play for fun with their bros rather than delving into tryhard competitive autism. Given the state of fightan games these days I'd rather things stay that way tbh
Also I miss when ddduder used to host that Quake 3 server here, shit was pretty fun


What are the best arena shooters right now?


Anal Hunters 4: ATM


Maybe, but that would mean they're hosting servers that don't advertise to the master because the srvs I see in the browser are almost always empty.
CPMA on Quake 3 or Open Arena is the gold standard
Warsow is popular but I don't enjoy it.
Everyone says UT99 even though UT04 is objectively best grill
I wish we can one day have a /v/ game night where we play team freeze tag in CPMA.


i have fond memories of growing up playing unreal 2000 and quake 3 arena demos lmao


not to say some shit >weve all heard a million times from bitter faggots on video game boards but younger generations seem more obsessed with slow casual shit like fortnite or whatever and severe autism sulators like minecraft and so many kids are given amphetamines these days i doubt they could really concentrate on learning how to git gud at arena stuff without having a tranny breakdown over getting their asses handed to them by someone who has been playing for ages


Isn't it the other way around? I always assumed the only people with enough time to get really into competitive gayming are zoomers and NEETs since older guys like us are busy with wageslavery and other shit


neetdom doesnt have an age limit and zoomers are like i said obsessed with fortnite they cant concentrate enough to git gud at a quick paced arena game so they settle for slow battle royale shit


File: 1628065027508.jpg (75.41 KB, 869x374, 79:34, chaosesque anthology.jpg)

>not chaosesque anthology
mikee disapproves




They were the military shooters of their era OP. They got milked so hard that people just got tired of them


Quake Live is quite active


>milked so hard
were there that may arena shooters? cod has something like 20 games to the franchise


It's really not the same.

Quake = 4 games
Unreal Tournament = 3 games

Call of Duty = 17 games
Battlefield = 17 games
Medal of Honor = 15 games


Holy shit. I didn't know things were that bad. And they're still making those shitty games


File: 1629553963820.jpg (140.66 KB, 1391x1200, 1391:1200, Starfox-Adventures-starfox….jpg)

think about it this way though, quake and unreal back then could keep selling the same titles for a number of years, they didn't have to milk the release cycles so much being PC only/primarily. I know they had some dreamcast/psx releases w/e.

3 console gens in the last 15 years or so that's going to lend itself to more releases and shorter times in between.

CoD/Battfield especially have no reason not to emulate EA's model with Madden because, shit, it work don't it? if motherfuckers really wanna buy a (((brand new game))) so they can play nuketown again with tweaks that in all reality even a retard like me could have done comparable things with a half-life 1 mod.

the problem is ultimately that the big vidya businesses aren't chasing the demo they were 20 years ago you fucking boomer, they're chasing everybody. it's not just kids playing cod, late run millennials in the workforce for a few years now are in it deep for christ sake.
It's not a niche thing at all.
Especially CoD now has four game modes basically, a single player campaign, standard multiplayer, zombies, and now their battle royale mode(s) so they are appealing to a variety of people with that.

idk mayne, it's just poz shit all the way down at this point.


weird picture


dont molest the coon


fuck starfox
it and sonic have to answer for an entire generation of furries and worse–may allah forgive me for uttering these words–nintendo fans


sf64 was gud
adventures is what fucked everything


File: 1629870490606.jpg (174.77 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 2d1fc798c5d3d0b249f999b3d2….jpg)

>adventures is what fucked everything
Still a better Zelda game than BOTW


>he doesn't fap to giant Falco smashing buildings with his cock
never gonna make it


>he doesnt get swole and tip over brick walls with his gock


i still doom occasionally tbh, but havent done a dm in ages. just random WADs
zandronum was basically a giant online furfaggot convention last i tried


I never really bothered with public Zandronum servers since most of them require downloading 6 gorillion mods to join, we could always run a game here if enough people were interested though


File: 1629998428871.png (165.14 KB, 301x245, 43:35, doom_time.png)

doom or quake 3 or whatever would be one of the best games because literally figuratively all you need is two people and an internet connection. quake is better because bhops and railguns but doom has PVE and cool mods like Samsara

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