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>actually posting a literal FED who would leave CP on his website for weeks

Literally get out faggot. We left him and all of that 8ch drama for a reason


ur not from round these parts are you


are you ok with people constantly bringing up a DoD employee that hosted CP on his website?

>ur not from round these parts are you

Are you? indy sp happened because of his constant ineptitude. Lurk more and go away


tbh im ok w anything making fun of the pigfucking faggot
also fond of pics making fun of mark because hes such a fat disgusting jewish faggot and its actually insane he exists and can make it down stairs w out a heart attack
oh yea, and rare jewshs

fuck, basically anyone who was dumb enough to be a part of the IB pantheon of faggotry, and willingly posted their face is fair game imo


>DoD employee
i think thats prolly giving him too much credit
hes just some creepy pedonigger that used to hustle CC#s with hiroshimoot
if anything, the feds prolly entrapped him on account of him being a creepy pedonigger. thats what id do if i was a fed. fuck giving that fag blow/hooker money

if they pay him anything, its prolly not much, hence why hes always got all his other gay hustles constantly, like the pisswater, the whole Q thang etc

which reminds me:
finna try to figure out a way to get Qoomers to give me their CC#s
i figure theyre all dumb patriotards and would buy dumb boomer tire murrica t-shirts or shit like that


idgaf about any of that you can be a histrionic dramanigger all you want tho im not going to get riled up over a shitty thread that will be forgotten the moment you stop giving it attention


File: 1629695635462.jpg (136.19 KB, 536x822, 268:411, 5aea0593d16b8855f2964b5bee….jpg)

you all are talking like drama is a bad thing


it is and i dont think youll trick vary many people here into your womyn tier gossipping tbh but i guess youll try anyway have fun remember to stay hydrated


>taking Indonesian tapestry boards this seriously
smh tbh fam


A healthier alternative would be to not bring it up at all. He still roams IB so you don't really know what he could pull around here

>also fond of pics making fun of

You're missing the point. People like him, and that were related/work with him, are a lot like p*docel the spee spammer. In the sense that they live out off giving people shit and causing trouble wherever they go. They love any attention they can get. Any insult they get just bounces off them like rubber. They're used to it so they don't care.

Just forget 8ch and everyone involved in it even exists. Your life will be 100% because of it.


He has connection with the military. You can check out his resume online

I don't think anyone's angry here. We just don't what that type of person being here, for obvious reasons.

>a shitty thread that will be forgotten the moment you stop giving it attention

It keeps getting bumped up so that's going to be somewhat difficult to do


it gets bumped repeatedly by one retard tho gaping your mouth and getting upset over one obsessive dumbass is retarded but like i said you wanna get dramatic over it go ahead ill just keep checking in and trying to talk about video games in other threads in the meantime





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