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Would DMC: Devil May Cry have been a good game if it wasn't a DMC game?


no it would have been a cheap knock off in that case the gameplay is overall terrible


Maybe as a new Ninja Theory I.P. if it removed every single reference to Devil May Cry. Like the Style meter. As it is right now, it's pretty bad


The platforming for DMC was good at least


Is DMC just a one hit wonder milked to shit? Like any other Crapcuck franchise?


i likd 1 3 and 4


How was 5


Pretty decent but I wasn't a fan of the whole mocap thing tbh


i didnt play that one


it's a shit game


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All I remember was the drama, the most memorable thing was the fat guy wearing a DMC 5 shirt on another game that I forgot its tile.


you mean DmC2?

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