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You don't play GIRL genres do you anon?


>sports 2%
based no girls allowed in sportschan (unless they have a benis)


its shit like candy crush where you match 3 tiles or whatever to make them disappear and earn points
i dont actually know im just guessing i refuse to do even cursory research


I was thinking that too but there's also a "casual puzzle" genre so idk


Unfortunately it is 99% Candy Crush clones now but the whole genre includes stuff like Tetris, Bejeweled, Zuma, Bubble Bobble, Dr. Mario, Puzzle Quest etc. so not all bad


>farm sim
farmville just will not die
this is not the cyberpunk dystopia we deserve


is it actually referring to farmville or does it include stuff like harvest moon?


>grand strategy
thats honestly better odds than i thought.
>tfw no grand strategy autist gf to discuss haplogroups with


prolly some
ive known grils irl that were batshit for harvest moon
i bet a lot is like 45yo ladies playing farmville tho

the weirdest "gril" gaymer i ever remember was one of my friends from middle schools mom was literally addicted to runescape. she would play like 10hrs a day and chainsmoke
i think she got off on scamming 12yo boys out of their gold


yes i do see >>321


File: 1630036443594.jpeg (32.87 KB, 679x655, 679:655, nutella.jpeg)

>tfw no grand strategy autist gf to discuss haplogroups with

women just do whatever you tell them you like. Just tell her that grand strategy game you're playing is actually a new mod from The Sims and take it from there. Wyminx love The Sims. Especially when they fuggs X-DDDDD

>t. knower of Women


i mean ive always wondered why they wouldnt be into CK2 in the first place?
its literally just medieval sims with a lot more segs and incest


File: 1630073996703.png (672.27 KB, 1081x1636, 1081:1636, 1528548876597.png)

I played Animal Crossing for a while before, it was enjoyable enough but the design of the game kinda requires you to play it every day so you need a fucking lot of free time to invest into it. Okay back when I was a NEET but as a wagie it's kind of impossible to experience everything it offers


File: 1630242738300.jpg (290.92 KB, 734x1000, 367:500, 70647-boulder-dash-commodo….jpg)

i've played several harvest moon games and enjoyed all of them with no shame
back to nature was probably my favorite

stardew valley is decent autism and i enjoyed it but it's kind of empty from an 'rp' standpoint; that's ok with me tho

cooking mama for wii is legit fun, if they would've changed the FOV so you could see down your chef's blouse and the titties was jigglin while fryin squid it woulda been beautiful

that reminds me goddamn what a waste of money the wii was i should sell it for weed money

picrel is a GUD casual puzzler


File: 1630243704884.jpg (387.26 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, wadina-sims.jpg)

sims is for edgy whores


wii was not a waste of money it had a fuckton of good games and it was easy to root them and pirate watever game u wanted



File: 1630262929896.jpg (70.19 KB, 640x480, 4:3, suburban-lawns.jpg)

i'm sorry i was HANGRY


she looks familiar


oh mah jenitals


fucking everyone plays something nowadays
whether that be dumb gacha shit, or otherwise
thats why vidya got so massive, why all the companies are such cunts, and why it sucks now. appealing to lowest common denominator


File: 1630265603962-0.png (60.81 KB, 1239x325, 1239:325, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630265603962-1.png (481.22 KB, 1230x4138, 615:2069, 491eabfa-top-50-highest-gr….png)



File: 1630265864973.png (562.35 KB, 1465x3289, 1465:3289, screencapture-en-wikipedia….png)


speed drifters looks like a mario kart mmo kinda kewl


I guarantee at least 50% of them are girl (male)s


File: 1630295838824.png (13.46 KB, 962x139, 962:139, battleborn.png)

Anon why did you cut off the top???


bet they included women without wombs in this


File: 1630325699602.png (217.32 KB, 295x276, 295:276, ClipboardImage.png)

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