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Which is the bigger threat?


1st one looks more certain about what he's doing than the second. Second one just looks like he has a bad leg sprain. Gonna give it to the Dead Space necromorph OP


File: 1630070034302.jpg (737.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Swamp_bloodsucker.jpg)

dis lil nigga right here
hope u brought ur shotty

getting run down by a whole pack of these fuckers is always unnerving, especially since they cloak, so it can be hard to tell how many are left. theyre even spooky when theyre gone, cuz you can never really tell if you got all of em, or if they just cloaked again


that thang likes to FUCK


I usually like to just lead them into a bandit camp or something


Stalker monster are actually more scarier


soviet deathclaw


The Thing by far. It can infiltrate and act intelligently. It only transforms when its about to be discovered. That shit would be unstoppable.

Necromorphs can indoctrinate you and all that but ultimately you can see them coming, The Thing just infects you and moves on.


But there is only one thing right? Compared to billions of necromorphs.


I want to take a moment to appreciate the xenomorphs in Aliens. There's actually a finite and very limited number of aliens which the marines almost reach the end of. All these space marine games need to remember that.
Necromorphs are dumb.


File: 1630804337133.jpg (216.68 KB, 600x400, 3:2, prometheus-2.jpg)

If you are going by Alien logic then I guess you are right. But Aliens introduces queens which suggests Aliens can just keep breeding on their own. And Prometheus added the black goo which makes alien type creatures, and the engineers seem to have gallons of the stuff going by the scene in Covenant where they carpet bomb the planet with goo.


in Aliens queens can only birth facehuggers, which are fundamentally parasites. Don't ask me why they don't just build an army of facehuggers when they'd be much tougher to fight, but if you want an army of drones which they do for some reason you need a population of hosts, which at a births:host rate of 1:1 (and needing to capture, not kill when possible) makes it actually quite difficult to build a proper army.
idk about xenomorphs after Aliens though, all those movies look bad and sometimes edgy.

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