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What do you guys think about the new consoles?


what os they run?
have they been hacked/jailbroken yet?
thats about as much as i care atm


They aren't even released yet so no there's no homebrew or anything obviously. As for specs I've heard they're about equivalent to a mid-high range gaymen PC





jailbreaking newer consoles is kinda useless because you can't play online afterwards


1. i can play games on my computer
2. my systems are only mine if i can run my own code in them at low level
3. maybe there could be ways to fool the system, there have been such cases
4. only fags care about online multiplayer


fortnite is exclusively online multiplayer tho


Yeah it looks pretty fucking dire right now. Even the games we've seen so far are mostly remakes and ports


ask me again in 15 years or so
i usually just stay behind a generation or more and swoop in once all the games are like $5 or so used
but now that almost all games are digital-only, drm bullshit, and/or always online, i think its ogre.
genuinely dont see a reason to buy a ps4/xbone as i know theyll shut off all the servers sooner than later to force all the scrubs to their new platforms
i guess bloodborne looked kinda fun from what ive seen of it but idk
ill also never pay for any sort of online account so yeaaaa

gonna have to buy another ps3 as backup soon tho, before some numbskulls start deciding that the ps3 is "nostalgic" or "retro" and they start going for $700+ used


making nu-gaems is hard an shieet
needs developers, designers, actual ideas, and you ant outsource that shit to some underpaid chink studio
just resell old gaems

as long as dumbfucks keep buying that shit they will, i doubt well see much of anything new this gen
literally no financial reason to take any sort of risk like that


pls be true
gettin the intellivision
dgaf about graphics just give me gameplay
let the shit industry destroy itself with terabytes of textures
im gonna be playin video games while everyone else dies


>literally no financial reason to take any sort of risk like that
This is especially true when you look at Nintendo. People beg them for new IPs constantly, but whenever they actually do it they never sell. Yet a collection of old Mario games running on shitty emulators became a top seller. I'm not sure whether the customers or the companies are more to blame for this phenomenon but either way it means creativity and innovation in the industry is pretty much nonexistent these days


File: 1602271351137.jpg (134.35 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, phil_spencer.jpg)

>So I told Phil to put all the games on PC..
>he actually did it the absolute madman hahahahha


wat splatoon sold really well


That was an exception really. They published a lot of games around the same time that didn't sell well (Wonderful 101, Code Name STEAM, Ever Oasis etc)


also colecovision > intellivision
tfw moar RAMs

customers imo
if customers refused to keep re-buying old shit ran on shitty emus every console, or HD™ super widescreen™ 3D™ reeeeeeeemakes™ corporations would need to take chances
as it is, they dont
corps exist to make money for their shareholders
risk can make shareholders money, but mostly do the opposite

need to give an old dinosaur corp like ninty a reason to take a risk, or they absolutely will not


also colecovision > intellivision
tfw moar RAMs

customers imo
if customers refused to keep re-buying old shit ran on shitty emus every console, or HD™ super widescreen™ 3D™ reeeeeeeemakes™ corporations would need to take chances
as it is, they dont
corps exist to make money for their shareholders
risks can make shareholders a lot of money, but mostly do the opposite

in general, the older and larger a corporation gets, the more risk averse they get. need to give an old dinosaur corp like ninty a reason to take a risk, or they absolutely will not

if we look at nintendos format (making both hardware AND a lot of 1st party games), their peak in creativity imo happened when they had sega competing in that same ring. since sega kysd and went software only, theyve had no real competition. sony and microshaft consoles are near-identical in terms of games and compete directly with each other, while nintendo kinda exists on its own.
this lets nintendo succeed by simply shitting out the same IPs theyve had since the mid 80s, as they know they will have dozens and dozens of exclusives people will buy their hardware for. meanwhile sony and microsoft eat each other over the small handful of exclusive games they can get exclusive licensing deals over


>meanwhile sony and microsoft eat each other over the small handful of exclusive games they can get exclusive licensing deals over
is this why ms buys companies like bethesda?


bro ive got a coleco and yeah its better than an intella



File: 1602686817647.png (14.14 KB, 591x123, 197:41, beg4it.png)

get down on your hands and knees and fucking beg me for it, you disgusting, contemptible subhuman
you want nogaems?
well youre just gonna have to earn it
*unzips benin*

srsly tho… wat did they mean by this?


Is this true of Nintendo Switch? I was hoping I could get one and jailbreak it to pirate all the games , except playing a legit copy of Mario Maker 2 online so I can download levels.


Yeah they have some way of detecting hacked consoles so you'll be b& pretty much instantly if you ever use it online. From what I've heard there's a website where people with pirated/emulated copies of Mario Maker 2 exchange levels, but I don't know much about that so you'd have to research it yourself.


its been like that since ps3/360 days m8
your hacked console is for offline only
everyone knows this
besides, what do you need online for if you can pirate literally everything anyways? just do your online shenanigans on PC on pirate serbs or whatever

idk literally anything about a switch, but i guarantee they will permab& you if they can detect you hacked it in any way im sure they can. even 3DS was like that. nintendo gets super butthurt about piracy cuz they wanna sell you shitty emus of their old, actually good, games for 10 a pop


>mario maker 2
aww shit
yea thatll be toast unless theres someone backing up levels on some pirate serbs
but thats prolly pretty risky
nintendo fucking loves sending out C&Ds and suing people for trivial shit


i've never used it before, but i've seen people using https://github.com/Tarnadas/smmdb-client to share levels


PC gaming has never looked any better


File: 1603283908476.jpg (90.96 KB, 1248x702, 16:9, iEqrxye.jpg)

I'm hesitant to get a PS5 because of Sony's recent censorship bullshit. Seems like we're living in bizarro world with Sony censoring everything while Nintendo doesn't give a fuck anymore


just get a dreamcast


nindoten allows anime pron and sunny doesnt? is this in japan too??


can i still play phantasy star?


yea i think so pretty sure ya look up what games have servers up some dudes have gone out and made quite a few games playable online again for the system


Yeah this shit is censored even in Japan now that Sony is based in Commiefornia. Meanwhile Nintendo is leaving everything up to the rating boards so nothing 3rd party is being censored (including eroge). I really don't know why they bother releasing these games on PS at all when the whole appeal of them is anime tiddies


i know that some eroge were published on vapour, crudely stripped of all ero which the player then is supposed to buy as a separate patch
i wonder if sunny is aiming at something similar


I doubt it, they're just giga SJWs now. For example when they censored the shit out of DoA6 and nobody bought it until they added the lewd shit back in. They were okay with the sex scene in TLoU2 though, I guess it's okay when Westerners do it


karma for bashing nintendo


TLOU2 had a tranny sex scene that's why


and thats a good thing, heres why:


i think they're both ugly as fuck, but i'd rather have the xbox because at least i could use it as a table


>What do you guys think about the new consoles?
I'll stick with my PC and wait for the title to get ported later. Hard to believe that the PS4 and Xbone came out only a few years ago though


neil druckman is a jew and so are the majority of naughty dog's investors


Not interested because the rate of worthwhile 8th gen games came in around the mid-point and from the look of things with the 9th gen, it's going to be the same but worse (i.e. first party games are going to be cross gen).


shit might be worth, in liek a year. i don't see many people buying ps5's for a while.


wow. WOW. just wow… a namefag? wow


i think they're fucking ugly but i can't even find one anywhere anyway


idk i play my vidya on my pc even console games


same lol, I don't even have a gaymen PC but it works for emulators and old shit


I say like 5 years in the minimum because the good 8th gen games didn't came in until like 2017 and the 8th gen started in 2013 mind you.


8th gen was the worst, I can barely name much worthwhile Xbox one games and it took ages for the PS4 to get a decent library of games.


I think 9th gen will be better. Even shitty companies like EA and Ubisoft are admitting they might have to actually make games because their gambling sims aren't spitting out money like they used to


File: 1614901171661.jpeg (53.68 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 453454.jpeg)

>What do you guys think about the new consoles?

Both are pretty bad tbh


You can avoid it. Easier to do with super old firmware exploits but even with later exploits you just use a cfw emunand and a "clean" emunand that passes firmware checks without burning fuses. Nintendo generally only detects modded consoles if you go online with a partition that has hacked games installed, so if you use a separate partition with none of the bells and whistles you can usually ghost by. Always check the current state of the scene before updates though, just in case you need to update the hack with the official firmware.

tldr hack it with a clean sysnand boot option, cfw sysnand boot option, "clean" emunand partition (online play), regular emunand partition (pirated games etc)


Separate partitions are a thing now? That's pretty cool. Part of why I never hacked my 3DS back in the day was because of those banwaves that happened every now and again.


Yeah, though I think the classic way to avoid it was to use a separate sd card (I think that's what most people did for the 3ds as well). My experience is people usually mess up when there is a firmware mismatch when they connect online, like downgrading your firmware and forgetting to upgrade it again before you go online, or having non e-shop games installed when you go online. Oh! And the cartridge reader for the switch has its own fuses, with no exploit known, so unless you're willing to crack open your console and keep two separate card readers you're stuck deciding if you want to be able to use your card reader on new games and not be able to downgrade firmware or be able to downgrade your firmware in the future but not use your card reader at all. For pirates it probably doesn't matter, but it's worth considering if you're a fag like me who just wanted to customize his console and not really pirate.


IIRC the 3DS banwaves only hit retards who had botnet mode turned on or did stupid shit like set an SDK app as their favorite game
these days you can just install a bootloader hack to the firmware and CFW directly to the NAND and nobody will give a fuck as long as you don't play pirated games online, and I think there's even a workaround for that


File: 1615173399233.jpeg (176.54 KB, 930x1762, 465:881, b7585f57c486d85f121aed544….jpeg)

switch is not worth hacking tbh
there is ONE game worth playing and it's online cartoon little girl asses
everything else is either shit, multiplat where Switch is the worst version or both


Meh, you're mostly correct, except about the multiplat part I think being worse - I'd rather avoid soyny and some games I still prefer physical; for things that are digital only, though, go pc. Still, bing bing wahoo isn't terribad as a collectathon instead of normal instanced style since yooka lalee flopped and every other collectathon is a remake (see spyro), and mario rabbids may be a dumb concept but it was executed well. I think remakes being the switch's best games are its major weakness, but whatever.


I think there are a few decent exclusive single player games. Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 come to mind. But it's so few that you might as well just buy them rather than gimping your console. I guess there's also the option of emulation if you have a good enough PC but I don't know how playable that is right now.


Xenoblade 2 is absolute dogshit have you "played" that """game"""? you just stand next to an enemy and your character automatically does all their shitty little attacks and then you walk around thats it its the worst garbage ive ever played in my entire life i get it people told me i wouldnt like it but holy fuck it isn't even a game, there is no playing, you just fucking stand next to enemies how idiot retard stupid do you have to be to even engage with shit like that it is beyond comparison never in my life did i think i would encounter such utter unfiltered shit. nothing could prepare me for how horrifically bad that was.

ive been told mmos play the same. if true, lol. anyone that plays shit like that deserves to be shot dead


why is this one anon so fucking angry about everything


I had a chance to play bing bing deviantart shortly after it came out and I wasn't impressed, there was a lot of "do this stupid thing to get a dopamine hit so zoomers don't check their tiktok while playing" and the platforming wasn't especially interesting. The most "fun" parts were the sengoku castle and the on-rails bit at the very end where you possess gay bowser, so not great. I found out the guy I borrowed it from was a fucking furfag too.
why haven't they done a bowser beatemup where you just smash the fuck out of everything between you and hot princess ass, it would print money


Eh I thought it was decent enough. Not as good as 64 or Sunshine but it's a Mario game and it does what you expect. I agree that getting the moons was overly quick and easy, at times it made it feel more like a collectathon game like Banjo-Kazooie or some shit rather than Mario.


He must wish every game was Ninja Gaiden or God Hand or something. I wonder if he likes strategy games? That's even more standing next to a guy and waiting.


dude its not even a fucking game you dont play anything it just sucks its total trash fuck you
yeah strat games are pretty cool dont mind taking a while but just standing around watching everything play out theres no thought in it theres no trying you just walk to the thing and yeah i get it, turn-based strat games you just walk to a spot, click on a guy maybe, and watch everything happen. but if it isnt a poor representation of the strategy genre then it will call for you to use strategy, which xbc2 does not call for. no thought, no execution, no anything. you just fucking walk through the game and then its over i guess idk couldn't "play" more than 10 hours
>ninja gaiden
the first one was okay idk people give it a hard time because you have to replay the last 3 levels if you die at the final boss but after doing it twice its just a time sink which isnt really great other than that played uh that xbox game but only at a friends so didnt start from the beginning nor beat the end so idk
idk i dont know if id like that one but people talk it up. id give it a try for sure


Did you play XC2 for more than 10 minutes? The auto-attack is basically equivalent to your basic attack function in other JRPGs like Final Fantasy or whatever else. You get a party of 3 with 9 different attacks per person, and you strategically combine them with chain attacks to do the most damage. If you don't like the game it just means you don't like JRPGs in general, not that the game is objectively shit.


File: 1615509642363.jpg (156.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, xenoblade-chronicles-2-nin….jpg)

There's countless games that play just like it that are pumped out yearly by Korean and Chinese developers, so why do people talk about so much about Xenoblade? Is it the story? Looks like some generic cringe anime shit to me. The conclusion I am left with is it's a mediocre game pushed by fanboys and critics that praise anything Nintendo craps out.


>Looks like some generic cringe anime shit to me.
>Looks like
Why should anyone trust someone's opinion of a game they haven't even played? You're no different to those zoomers who watch streamers and say it's the same as playing it yourself.
>muh Nintendo fanboys
The Xeno series isn't even made by Nintendo lol, it just happens that they own the company who makes them right now. Clearly you know nothing about these games so I don't know why you feel the need to shitpost about it.


File: 1615565359910.jpg (2.98 MB, 3158x2848, 1579:1424, shutterstock_52897015.jpg)

>Errmmmm ackshually this Chinese MMO tier game is a modern masterpiece
>The story is super deep and complex and definitely not cringy weebshit
>You can't just say it's shit you have to pay 400 dollars to play it


>I haven't watched this movie because I already know it's shit
>I haven't read this book because I already know it's shit
>I haven't listened to this album because I already know it's shit
Etc. None of these opinions would be taken seriously so why should it be different for vidya?


Okay fine I'll play it and give my extended thoughts


Just finished it, it was gay lol


File: 1615723677232.jpg (254.94 KB, 1161x714, 387:238, xeno.jpg)

>finishes that fast
now I know how mrs. anon feels




I need to find out the old Wii U and play XCX again sometime, shit was pure kino


i am really not a fan of paying 80+ bucks for a fucking game, fuck this, literal drug addict price rise. i will stick to emulating and stealing old consoles.


who the fuck is paying 80 for videogaymes??
cyberpunk is a current gen title and i got it 50 new


or just get a pc and pirate, most good shit is released on pc nowadays


Plus you can always wait a year or 2 and get the "ultimate edition" with all the DLC shit included for like 20


true but doing things with your peers (who aren't going to wait that long) is fun too
i like being able to chat with them (him) bout it


Consoles have been a huge waste of money since the end of gen 7, and it seems like the newer ones especially are just glorified streaming boxes with nothing particularly interesting game-wise. Certainly not $60 worth of interesting at least.




consoles are for convenience, but even then its a high price to pay… gotta have internet, plus cost of gaming service itself, plus the console, to get shitty and unreliable networking with your friends
im a sucker.


File: 1616222974936-0.png (934.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bethesda.png)

File: 1616222974936-1.jpg (3.95 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, xclound-hands-on.jpg)

My prediction is PS5 and Switch Pro will have better libraries than PS4 / Switch by a wide margin. Xbox is now directly competing with Sony and Nintendo. They have no chance of competing with Xbox on value, so they are going to have to compete with more, high quality games.


At least back then they had the excuse of being cheaper than an equivalent PC, but even that isn't really true anymore.
>Switch Pro
Isn't that just a slightly improved Switch? It'll probably be just like the New 3DS which had like 1 exclusive. No way are they going to ignore the fucking huge install base the regular Switch already has.


File: 1616270372299.jpg (143.33 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, xCloud-Streaming-Service-.jpg)

>Isn't that just a slightly improved Switch? It'll probably be just like the New 3DS which had like 1 exclusive.
My point is that XCloud makes the Switch look like an overpriced piece of shit. Nintendo won't be able to survive purely on the novelty of the Switch as a device going forward. They are going to have to get serious about exclusives again if they want to keep selling Switch consoles.


>tiny screen attached to controller
>internet required
>streaming latency
>no privacy
its shit


>tiny screen attached to controller
The point of game pass is to be able to play on anything from a 8K TV to a tiny mobile screen. Including tablets that are about the same size as a switch. They are going to put this shit on everything

>internet required

>streaming latency
You can download games from game pass and play them offline


pretty sure all the cloud shit is run on centralized servers, but either way it's gonna be have streaming latency because all the processing is still done on another machine
i bought a steam link on clearance like $5 and even when connected through ethernet there was still noticeable input lag in every game


At the very least I think they'll have to consider adding more than NES and SNES games to their virtual console service, since Xbox gives you basically their entire libraries from OG Xbox/360/Xbone


Why is the story shorter in Xenoblae Chronicle DE than in the original? I thought it was an exact remake?


I want to play Mario Odyssey and the Link's Awakening remake.


It is, that image is from user-reported stats I think. Maybe people played it for less time because they'd already played the original and knew where everything is? idk


better load times :-DDDDDD


File: 1616805059223.png (38.54 KB, 720x644, 180:161, Aprovess.png)

>idk i dont know if id like that one but people talk it up. id give it a try for sure

Why, it's only the bestest, most awesome-est game to have ever been created.




Every gamer on earth owes himself a chance to play this masterpiece ngl


fuck man ur making me wanna go out and buy a ps2


File: 1616835411077-0.mp4 (5.38 MB, 640x360, 16:9, zeo.mp4)

File: 1616835411077-1.png (261.7 KB, 596x751, 596:751, zoa.png)

xbox is #litty


How does it run in PCSX2?


>arm stretch
>literally stretching his pec
what a fucktard


from my experiences nothing ever runs perfectly in pcsx2
you always get some weird shadows or some other kind of graphical glitch every once in a while


>fuck man ur making me wanna go out and buy a ps2

See this



File: 1616974406423-0.jpg (35.12 KB, 860x650, 86:65, axvde.jpg)

File: 1616974406423-1.mp4 (9.13 MB, 540x360, 3:2, God hand-End credits Outro.mp4)


Thread theme using the godhand's ending theme

>Everybody wants a piece.

>Who's next? Don't be a fool.

>Hyperactive fighting style,
>so slick they will make you drool.
>God hand helps me work out my stress.
>It's overpowering I must confess.
>The only person who it doesn't work on,
>is the girl who got me into this: Olivia.

>Slicing through thugs with

>my shockwave!(Shockwave!)
>More beheadings than a guillotine,
>headslicer! (Headslicer!)

>My arm,

>my arm
>my arm,
>my arm
>my arm,
>my arm
>will summon up the

>power of the god hand!


redtext gotta be on its own line


Personally I've always thought Clover/Platinum Games stuff is overhyped on /v/ boards, but if you say it's that good I'll be sure to try it out eventually



Depends. There's raly pretty good Clover/Platinum Games (Okami), really short Clover/Platinum Games (the one Avatar/TMNT/Transformers game they made and Vanquish) and really shitty, poorly written Clover/Platinum Games (Bayonetta. Did not like it compared to Devil May Cry)

But godhand is legit good. Give it a shot. Warning: it is "Dark Souls" hard though, so git gud during your playthrough


I liked Bayonetta tbh


Yeah I liked Bayonetta but it's overrated and doesn't come close to DMC imo. MGR and Wonderful 101 were top tier tho


File: 1618002762519.jpeg (152.94 KB, 820x607, 820:607, mythic.jpeg)

>Personally I've always thought Clover/Platinum Games stuff is overhyped on /v/ boards, but if you say it's that good I'll be sure to try it out eventually

So did you give it a try? How was it? Did you like it or hate it? It's not a game for everyone so I can understand how you may feel? Really wants to know


Bayonetta is way better than DMC lol wtf are you smoking.
who the fuck plays plat games for plot?


Sorry bro I'm in the middle of a long ass New Vegas playthrough right now, but like I said I'll be sure to play it sometime

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