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>Alanah… this is about the item descriptions we asked you to do last week
<dude I'm gonna!
>I'm not your "dude" Alanah, I'm your boss. I know you're a HR stunt in disguise but we need you to do SOME work here at the office
<It's soo haaard lol can't I just let you stare at my cleavage instead? :)
>I'll poretend I didn't hear that, Alanah. Look, it's just a few items that need to be described. Like this one, it's a cup. What can you say about a cup.
<uuuuhhhmmm *squeezes boobs with her arms* is this a nice cup, Mr. Boss man? you're so cute btw lol omg I didn't just say that haha
>…nevermind Alanah. I'll get the temp to do it for you. Again.
<aw thank youuu mr. boss man uwu *hops on her chair*

Santa Monica studio, probably

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