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ITT: Games are considered good that you just got bored/lost interest with playing

See pic related. Sonic Generations was good (compared to other games) but I just lost all enthusiasm playing it after a while. Couldn't stand modern sonic's "cool guy" dialogue during my playtime. Sounds like it was written by a 14 year old kid. Entire game is so meh all over


i never really understood the appeal of sanic games in general
well i liked the first couple i guess but the 3d games have always seemed lame to me. got some gud music tho


Funny thing is it could've been worse than just a 30 minutes game, that's how low these 2cool4school games have fallen.

The fucking Sonic Colors port got shit on by everyone including hardcore Sonicspergs, while 3d World + Bowser's Fuckfest is praised by every sarcastic assclown on Jewtube despite being subpar.


File: 1634458006956.mp4 (7.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Proudly Made With Godot.mp4)

The Colors port for reference was outsourced to the same chucklefucks that made the Bioshock and censored Ass Effect "remasters". They didn't playtest shit so it ended up with a ton of glitches and graphical errors that weren't in the original version of Colors.


yah i wasnt tryin to imply mario games are much better i havent liked any of those since the galaxy games


File: 1634487919707.png (62.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

i can't remember where on the "good"————-"ironically good" spectrum this falls in the zeitgeist


Is your console broken or something? I fail to believe that this would be a fully released game approved by Sega


Another boring Sega game. Funny


They caught flack from multiple people about this and had to release patches to mitigate the botched game.

It's not the first time Sega let shoddy ports slip. Like the GBA port of Sonic 1 that aside from the graphics was a downgrade in almost everything else from music to
framerate and was so slapdash that Stealth, a person who went on to help develop Sonic Mania later made a superior proof of concept version of the same game on the Game Boy Advance hardware:
Or the DX ports which got worse with every subsequent re release:


Fallout 3. I played it for several hours but I just couldn't get invested into it like other people would. Wasn't a big fan of the gameplay too.


fallout 3 is literally oblivion with guns but without spells and oblivion already sucked on its own
that and the story is completely retarded i wish i could find that screencap that sums it up perfectly but the gist of it is no ody had any real reason to do any of the shit they did during the main storyline and you most certainly had absolutely no reason to sacrifice yourself at the end because you can obtain companions that are literally healed by radiation but they refuse to go in your stead because uh destiny and fate or some shit


File: 1634659426100.jpg (190.4 KB, 736x1035, 32:45, Ju2h82m.jpg)

I loved FO3 back when it came out but tried playing it again recently and felt the same way. There's still a few worthwhile sidequests but it's hard to get fully invested when the main quest and worldbuilding are so retarded


File: 1634660628579.png (85.42 KB, 912x670, 456:335, Fallout 3 in a nutshell i ….png)

This one?
I don't really see why both parties wanting to turn on the water purifier is meant to be retarded though, it's a fight for control. It's like complaining because every faction wants the dam in NV. Everything else is true tho


the end goal isnt the problem i get fighting for control
its the retarded shit that happens in between thats the problem


god damn i forgot about that fuckin ghoul massacre karma horseshit whoever decided you should get bad boi points for that was either trolling or was way ahead of the game in terms of faggot politics


File: 1634672079198.png (439.52 KB, 901x843, 901:843, 1465996791114.png)

I think you could actually make them coexist if you killed Roy Phillips after finishing the quest but there isn't really a way to work that out on your own. Maybe Todd is just that based and redpilled


File: 1634933785920.jpg (77.09 KB, 640x366, 320:183, unrelatedbutlol.jpg)

FO3's fucking retarded, that's a known quantity, but with the Wanderer's Edition + Fellout and that X Minus One radio channel mod I had much more fun sneaking around and getting caught in firefights than I ever did at any point in New Vegas. At times it felt almost like STALKER as a warzone, but with plausible stealth.


howd it fix the stealth? did it make it so high level enemies cant immediately spot you in pitch darkness even if your stealth skill is maxed out?


> but with the Wanderer's Edition + Fellout and that X Minus One radio channel mod I had much more fun sneaking around and getting caught in firefights than I ever did at any point in New Vegas
you had my guriosedy :D now you hab my addenjon :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD


I would rather just play a stealth / FPS game at that point. Why bother with an RPG if you don't like the story and world


Man why u gotta be like that doe Todd?


FO3 is such a retarded game compared to New Vegas. Holy shit


every grand strategy game, I'm too retarded for those autistic map simulators


i tried to like quake i really did but i just couldnt get into it at all and i cant put my finger on why
its not that its outdated i can still play horribly aged games like goldeneye and still at least enjoy it but i get a couple levels into quake and just cant force myself to continue
maybe quake 2 is better? i heard it has almost nothing to do with the first one so maybe a different setting would work better


wtf happened to that thread where the ops pic was a guy in a mortal kombat ninja mask smoking a pipe?


Quake's main appeal is the multiplayer really, the campaign was always pretty meh


OP deleted it maybe? it was a pretty gay thread anyway tbh


its on a video game board of course its gay
oh well


it was the only good thread on this shit board tbh


tranny frowner sageman needs a bisexual smile to lighten up his twatterboi mood

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