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what does he do with those pillows…


I'd fuck that (no homo)


File: 1635366191577.jpg (99.21 KB, 1124x1200, 281:300, soy.jpg)


u got some low standards even for a homo
gib me da soy twatterboi i need it to fuel my bisexual smile


fuck off dude I said no homo, you're probably one of those faggot girl fetishists


literally who cares ?


woah now no need to get uppity mr. boybanger


all these years and I still don't know how to gaytext


XD I said two contradictory things to repress my insecurities xD a classic meme


XD i left a vido game board where bitter angry retards are the norm so i could feel special on one where people try to enjoy themselves xD a classic /v/edditor meme


what are memes?


glad you enjoyed it bro we should have gay sex sometime (no homo)


gay shit for retards and highly intelligent spartmen


i'm both of those things


then you have ascended and are the living embodiment of horshoe theory you retarded genius

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