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Saw some anons talking about these and thought it might be worth a thread. Any you've played recently? Any favorites?


do watch for rolling rocks in .5 A presses


I played a lot of fire emblem romhacks before and one of the few ones completed that I thought was pretty good was the sun gods wrath. You might want to check it out if fe is your thang


From my experience with FE hacks they're usually just the same but unnecessarily difficult and with some edgy fanfic story but I'll give it a try sometime I guess


tbh that seems to be the trend for romhacks in general


I can kind of appreciate the edge at this point honestly, it's enjoyable in a le ironic kind of way



tbh i find edgy stuff enjoyable because its usually sincere and not some thirty layers of irony faggotry like nearly everything else even if it is embarrassing to behold sometimes


File: 1641781502749.gif (1.4 KB, 100x94, 50:47, Bix Nood rave party.gif)

>FE with edgy plots
Wouldn't that be Final Fantasy?

Most of the romhacks that triggered i-Mockery, edgelord got cut by the paper edge.


Yeah I guess. Seems like most modern games story-wise like to go for 2deep4u shit and epick plot twists everywhere. Sometimes some edgy teenager shit feels refreshing in comparison even if it's cringey.


File: 1641827472829.png (11.46 KB, 1234x1080, 617:540, Nigger Tennis (Hack)-22011….png)

>Nigger xD


File: 1641829247781.png (1.24 MB, 1981x2301, 1981:2301, Clovermon_Official.png)

speaking of cringe and ironic memes did anyone else play Pokemon Clover? Full of cringe tier 4chan memes everywhere (especially the Trump stuff) but gameplay-wise it's pretty good. They updated some of the mechanics to make things more interesting (like only being able to carry a few potions at a time etc). Also some of the non-meme fakemon designs are actually somewhat decent


can you rape trainers after you beat them?


>no sonichu
this is violence


Are there any romhacks that have sonichu in it because I can't think of any.


>Niggers Escapin' Seattle

What Trump stuff? Like the spoon Pokemon wearing a MAGA and say:
>Yes privileged human keep dividing your kind while I just do the funny dance.


File: 1641916166937.jpg (163.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, EXYfDimWoAAjKe2.jpg)

it's been a while but iirc there was some whole /pol/ themed town with Trump and Hitler in it


File: 1641916381933.png (112.05 KB, 571x686, 571:686, 1574991731972.png)

Nah that would be Pokemon Cock version


amazing i miss it when kids made this kind of funny shit now they all groweded up and their kids are makin tiktoks and other gay shit that bothers my aging psyche now i know how i made old people feel when i was a kid
theres no way there arent its an impossibility that modders and cwc yimmers dont have some kinda overlap theyre two of the more autistic groups on the internet


Yea the internet going full srsbizns was a mistake, now everyone spends their time here doing gay shit like arguing about politics instead of having fun. Hell even memes are serious these days if those rumors about sekrit discord clubs raiding 4chan, reddit etc are actually true


they made a far better hack than /vp/ had any right to
the custom music was nice too. a lotta hackers dont bother, and thats WITHOUT doing that ridiculous amount of front/back spritework for every custom mon

i was playing gaia a little bit ago
thats a good one. no custom mons, but it has all the new mons/types and phy/spc split which is p nifty for a gba hack.
the team rocket hack is a lot of fun too
was also trying to play radical red a month or so ago but it ran like fucking shit on my 3DSs GBA emu so i didnt
heard its rly hard tho


reminds me
speaking of NOTsrsbizness AND romhacks

did you guys ever play 4cuck /v/s super mario /v/orld hacks?
the first one is p meh imo, but the second one is fucking gr8
im p sure theres at least a couple of the sprite guys from pokemon clover team, so theyre def not the kind to take things too srsly
theyre making a 3rd one rn. they had a thread on /vr/ a while ago. i grabbed the unfinished rom for the 3rd and it looks fucking sick. crazy amount of custom sprites AND custom ASM shenanegans

here ill go look through an archive and see if i can find their old thread w the roms. it was like before xmas or somethin


ok nvm i guess they just always have a thread there and im retarded

heres their shit

>Download links for Super Mario /v/orld and Super Mario /v/orld 2


SMW hacks ime are normally max-tism-kaizo-shit-for-trannys, but i had a good time with the second one and im not even that good


File: 1642094459894.png (16.57 KB, 320x288, 10:9, slide3.png)

Yeah there's been some pretty impressive stuff made with pogeyman recently. One I've been trying out is Crystal Clear, it basically turns Crystal into an open world game where you choose your starting town, customize your character and play the game in whatever order you feel like. There are a lot of flaws (the lack of any story whatsoever, the randomized NPC skin and hair color turning everyone into weird looking niggers, the guy in charge replacing the Elite 4 with his OC donut steels etc) but it's a really ambitious and impressive project especially for a fucking GBC game


Oh yeah I played the second one a few years back I think. People talk shit about 4chan but /vr/ is actually a pretty usable board when they're not arguing about CRTs and emulators vs. real hardware


i stalk it for romhacks and random shit i wanna emulate
seems nice enough as far as fuckchan goes tbh
im sure the moderation is rulecucked garbage like that whole site, but for lurkan idgaf


File: 1642305952114.jpg (77.49 KB, 540x456, 45:38, Super Mario parody in a ma….jpg)

>Trump the white supremacist
Boy, he duped both sides with that.

The problem with SMWCentral is that after the mods becoming full blown faggot hypocrites (one of them coming out of the closet as a horsefucker masochist calling out racists), they've become the tard police 24/7, I prefer SMBX since it's easier to boot up custom episodes and you can upload it to anywhere you want, the problem is: Its tutorials for the 1.4 version are from a Banana Republic so you have to learn both Spanish and Portuguese.


Damn that's still a thing? Haven't even heard of that game for like 15 years


There is one being 1.4 by a chinese anonymous hacker who probably died during the pandemic and it never got updated since then and there's the unofficial 2.0 now wanting to be the new Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.


FE doesn't have the weird elements that FF usually has, like steampunk, sci-fi, etc

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