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>Game stops working if you don't constantly install the latest patches
>patches don't do anything other than breaking the game
>fans still defend it


>Game developer was labeled as an anti-programmer by game journos
>Even though he helped made the game engine
>Admits that the game engine that he helped to make wasn't suppose to be used on bigger and complex games


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>he didn't get vaxxed
lol enjoy getting gray death faggot


You will never be fully vaccinated.


t. mad because he wasn't on the priority list


rattle your cage harder i have an appointment with FEMA


what a rotten way to die


>mods on the forum permaban you for talking about it


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>A TF2 killer that works for console and gets updated
<Lotsa Spaghetti code
<It's just a retarded character out of their asses fucking up the game's balance, plus faggy skins
<Developers are manchildren who won't take criticism because you're too meanie
<Building is located on a democratic shithole so they must charge you up the ass with Pay2Win bullshit, those taxes they ignore can't pay for themselves.
<Fans overdose on copium if you bring out the vast evidence on how their waifu game has been flushed down the shitter


eso somtimes


>New game is out
>Sucked dick since day 1
<It's shilled to death
>Game gets forgotten
<What a surprise, everyone admits the game sucked and bankrupted the company


Happening right now with Saints Row

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