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i bought an xbox tree sikty from a thrift store the other day and it came with one of those gay kinect sensors is there anything i can do with that like use it as a security camera or some shit? if not i will just use it for target practice


yeah why wouldn't you be able to it's a camera after all there's prob a lot of weird shit people have figured out to do with it too tbh


Found this from 6 gorillion hours in google:
most of it looks gay tbh but kinect DOOM sounds fun I guess


All the best 360 games need the kinect to play them don't get rid of it. What if you want to play Kinectimals in the future?


wtf most of the results i got were for the newer kinect idk if thats some kinda regional filter or what on my end modern search engines are gay just like everything on that list except maybe the doom thing thanks for posting it though
that sounds rally GAAAAYYYY


the 360's kinect was shit, basically a prototype. the xbox ones kinect was better tech wise but was even more useless since the motion control fad died and no games


I said Google but actually I use Duckduckgo lol, maybe try that out


seo spammers have completely broken google's search algorithm so like 90% of results are just trash
if u wanna read silicon valley faggots discussing it https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=29772136

i wish i got into the blackhat seo stuff, seems like a cool way to make cash while living the neet lifestyle


I don't know why anyone still uses Google honestly. I get with some of their services like Youtube where there's no real alternative but there's a fuck ton of other search engines


Lol it was made to spy on you and farm/sell the data


in reality there are only 2 decent search engines - bing & google. other engines run on top of bing/google and proxy their results with a little filtering to make it look unique, even yahoo uses bing as its backend

i think the foreign ones like yandex & baidu use their own crawlers and stuff but in the west its just bing and google

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