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Where we dropping boys? About to crack open an ice cold Zoa and head to Tomato Town


I've honestly been meaning to give Fortnite a chance since it's free and all but I can't convince my boomer brain to actually do it


i played it a couple months ago, it's a completely different game compared to when it came out
there's all kinds of little activities/minigames and shit everywhere on the map now
can't take it seriously as a real game anymore but i see why adhd middle schoolers love it


Hasn't that always been Fortnite though? I remember before it came out they were marketing it as a DayZ type survival crafting game. The battle royale stuff came after. It's always been a Frankenstein game just stitching together popular ideas from a hundred different games


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>thinking "hey that looks like The Rock"
>search it
>it actually fucking is
kek these zoomers have Smash Bros beat easily in the crossover department


hows that a crossover the rock is an actual actor not a specific trademarked character even if his acting range is one dimensional


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Fartnite with brown nigs

Both in crossovers and relevancy, does Super Smash has Rick & Morty dancing at the MLK memorial?

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