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>Puts Portal on Switch just in time for the Steam Deck to release
What did Gaben mean by this?


to show everyone how shitty it looks on the Switch
seriously the port looks awful


How? Portal 2 is 10 years old and Portal is even older. Is the Switch that underpowered?


I haven't played these games but decided to compare videos and besides the lower res on the Switch (which might just be in the trailer) they look basically the same tbh. I don't really see much point in the port when these games run on toasters though


portal was immensely popular back when it was first released particularly among teenagers so they might be simultaneously trying to cash in on nostalgia bux from the soy crowd who grew up with it and also introduce a newer generation to it
idk how much kids enjoy puzzle games these days tho even if it has quips everywhere


File: 1644969730211.webm (3.98 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Gabe Newell invented Swit….webm)

Specially the er… images

Literally the Wii U now updated to be fool proof when porting 10 year old turds from the Steam Powered platform. That was the final nail in the coffin during the Wii U era, many third party developers couldn't stand the fucking thing crashing and burning because it was so goddamned outdated, it was like an inferior Windows XP.


i heard theres cake at the end of this game


yah budy its gud cak meny lairs


Covered in cocaine.

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