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why dont studios make games that are different these days?
everything is just a CoD clone
stuff like CnC Renegade was weird and fun
Renegade X now is even better
Would something different not sell? Whats the deal?


video games are dead


The majority of people like what's familiar to them and don't even bother to try anything new, hence why series like CoD and FIFA can get away with releasing the same fucking game every year. Unless they genuinely care about the industry there isn't much point in taking the risk on a new IP from a business point of view.


some bullshit Renegade multiplayer was really fun
the meta really evolved over the years
i remember servers would add little features and people would come up with grand strategies around them
'tank massing' and stuff to get around build limits on vehicles and utilize tank wreckage feature
then enemy team would try and save any enemy wreckage and repair/horde them to knock the enemies limit down
a lot of stuff that required in depth teamwork and communication, made possible by the teamchat feature in game and 64 person servers


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>only 16 players online for cnc renegade
well i guess after 19 years its inevitable
id guess most of the players migrated to renegade x at least
speaking of which, they're releasing a Firestorm expansion soon, looks really cool


looks fun


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Game budgets have ballooned so there's less room for experimentation, same story as Hollywood


There's actually kind of a crossover there too, since AAA vidya companies are increasingly hiring celebrities to do mocap and star in the games. It's kind of sad since it means most of the game's budget is being spent on Hollywood actors rather than the actual development.


The industry grew too big by the 7th gen and every product became formulaic as seen in other big industries.


I don't know if it's solely a financial problem, since even indie games are mostly generic as fuck


the whole celebrity appearance in games is the fucking stupidest shit ever
like FFS its a VIDEO GAME– you can MAKE a whole new person for your character, but instead your going to pick some faggot hollywood actor?
its lazy, distracting, and expensive ffs


ya firestorm looks like a blast tbh, i'll have to give it a shot when it drops– they really messing with the CNC formula. it almost seems the feeling is a hybrid between CNC Renegade gameplay and BF2


I guess it's mostly just about marketing. Especially now that a lot of companies are going for the whole movie game thing and trying to appeal to /tv/fags. But imo mocap in general, with or without celebrities, is unimaginative and basically kills artistic nuance. A good example is DMCV. While I loved the game itself, the mocapped characters and more realistic artstyle were boring compared to what we seen in 1-4 imo.


>why dont studios make games that are different these days?

It costs a lot more money to develop games nowadays. See vid related. Only reason so many good games got made in the PS2/XBox/Gamecube era is because it was relatively easy to develop for those respective consoles.


>because it was relatively easy to develop for those respective consoles.
what about PC games? i dont see why those would be any harder to develop than console?
not that id know, but just a guess


PC games back then were generally more complicated because you have to optimize it to run on all different kinds of hardware, while with consoles everyone has the exact same system. Hence why a lot of PC ports of old console games run like complete shit. This isn't really the case anymore nowadays since most games are made in pre-existing engines such as Unreal, Unity etc. which are heavily optimized and make it very easy to compile the game for PC or any console.


It's very hard to make anything innovative when you can't talk to 90% of your dev team. Games now aren't made by a single studio, they're broken up piece by piece to different studios. One company will do the FPS elements, one the driving and one the story. Even if you as the FPS designer have a really cool idea for the driving element you can't pass it on or use it. Adding that additional feature might break another studio's segment and the whole game falls apart.

Unity and Unreal are extremely unpotimized. They have to work for so many different styles of game they can't manage data effectively. A slow paced walking sim doesn't need the same loading speed as a break neck racing game does. 2D and 3D work very differently too and none of those engines are able to refine themselves in any area without sacrificing in another.

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