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post shit that gives you nostalgia
pic rel is mine.
i must have played the 2 demo missions about a million times as a kid
even 20 years later i can still mentally walk through the missions


splinter cell chaos theory didnt have that many levels but they were all so intricately put together and allowed for so many varieties of approaches
one thing in particular that always brings me a rush of nostalgia when i think of it is the first enemy encounter in the first level where there is a rope bridge that one of them crosses
the first time i played it i waited for the guy to turn around and look at the gorge then threw a rock at him so his body fell into it. something about that immediately told me this game was gonna be gud


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I didn't even play it until long after it came out but Dude Sex always makes me feel nostalgic because it reminds me of when /v/ was actually good

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