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>tfw nobody makes good griefing videos anymore


File: 1613962397518.webm (18.68 MB, 640x480, 4:3, balls mahoney - www.myg0t….webm)

>tfw we will probably never see something like sourcemod ever again


there was this one griefing video when the dude kept responding with cry about it and I can't find it and now i'm the one cryan


I don't think people who are really creative are much active on gaming. Compared to a decade ago, everything feels very monotonous.


>there was this one griefing video when the dude kept responding with cry about it and I can't find it and now i'm the one cryan

There's one were someone uses a Duke Nukem bot that's pretty funny too


Can someone repost "door stuck!" in this thread?


File: 1614124186168.webm (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, DOOR STUCK! DOOR STUCK!-V….webm)

>this shit has 17m views on youtube
yo wtf


>this shit has 17m views on youtube

It's a classic for a reason


It was just a different era OP. Everyone's playing fortnite and CSGO nowadays and that just doesn't have the same atmosphere.

CounterStrike Source was a goldmine for griefing videos though


File: 1614399102299.webm (55.75 MB, 480x270, 16:9, [NSFW] myg0t cheaters har….webm)


File: 1614410094052.webm (68.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, output.webm)

i think it's something like multiplayer games are much more structured now, so there's less room to creatively fuck with people
there are some good rage vids for csgo like vid related, but it's just not the same as griefing a darkrp or jailbreak server back when people took that shit seriously


File: 1614555933996.jpeg (103.22 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 6541110111.jpeg)

Things aren't as fun anymore. Playing online just feels like a chore nowadays.


For me, it was Modern Warfare 2 and halo 3 for griefing. Had the time of my life playing those 2 games ngl


Halo 3 was top tier for trolling the shit out of people, especially on that map with the two giant tank base things you could drive around.
>ctf mode
>your team captures the enemy flag
>try to run it back to your base
>drive the base away while everyone screeches


Halo 3 is on steam now IIRC. How does it compare to original console gaming?


i was shit at MW2, but my buddy was an absolute monster. seen the guy go 90+ kills without a death many times. literally everyone would bitch and moan and say he was hacking. he was just rly fuckin good and had his killstreaks set up to where he could always be on the ground, and always be on the move.
but since he was so focused, he didnt really have time to shittalk
thats where i came in
lmao i wish i could somehow find some of the old hatemail wed get
fookin hilarious



I remember MW2. Spent the most of my summer once just dicking around tbh


tbh playing online was always p gay unless you had at least a few people you knew
playing with randos is always fuckin depressing imo

plus if you had one or two of of your irl bois backing you up you could execute some pretty elaborate tomfoolery



Same lol. Back then everyone hated those screeching 10 year olds calling you gay and threatening to fuck your mom, but now they're gone it just feels like something's missing


it's like being in a job were that one coworker always bothers you with an invite to a bar in a weekend for years. But then you p quit and get a new job, and nobody ever invites you to anything until you like retire or something. It's the p small things that always matter in the end


>but now they're gone it just feels like something's missing
dont let ur memes be dreams anon
path in a pitch shifter after your mic and get on there and start screeching about bein an motherfucker


one of my alltime favourites tbh


>dont let ur memes be dreams anon
I don't know when to start though


I haven't used steam in a few years but if the last time I played L4D is any indication the multiplayer is probably complete trash full of either no fun alloweds.


*either no fun alloweds or boring niggers

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