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Just wanted to post some preliminary progress regarding my AR18 build
i dont have any access to any examples of these because i live in a commie faggot state, but i've started to at least make progress on constructing an upper receiver flat.

im doing this with some knowledge ive deduced and some simplifications as such:
- an AR18 tubular receiver has internal dimensions of 1.25" x 1.25"
- an unbent flat will be approximately 5 inches across
- relative proportions from pictures will be close enough for function

using that i performed progressive rudimentary visual perspective correction for image 1 using GIMP and gridlines to get image 2. i then imported it into autocad and corrected for any rotation. i then visually mapped out the outline to get a general proportions. with this done i scaled the drawing to my 'known' dimension of 5 inches and examined the other dimensions. I then went through them and rounded up or down to units that are convenient to imperial system, and radiused select corners

This would be an iterative process of refining the flat given i dont even have access to an actual rifle. the only dimensions i can think of that will require being really close would be overall length and width. Width i know isn't going to be accurate, given that when bending sheet metal flat dimensions like that wont directly translate to the finished dimensions, but it think its a good starting point. length would be easy enough to change.

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i've got some plans on making the tool i need to deep draw the rear sight drum.. im very curious if it will work


File: 1664161197779.png (4.93 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

rear sight mostly made, some filing left to do to get a better fit, trimming the sight post up a bit, and a drilled/tapped hole. this is definitely a part that could be 3d printed, too much of a bitch to machine this crap


as it this gets closer to completion and i start to shift over to the drawing portion of the project– any suggestions on how to distribute the info? ideal would be relatively easy to access, and neigh impossible to take down.
P2P? a QR code to a magnet, maybe?


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Lol it's ugly
Optic is a bit high. Iron sight obscured. Oh well lol. Maybe I'll buy the quick detach mount for the trijicon


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Light Novel Thread


is this the spice and wolf thead?


now why would you go and spice a wolf?


its a SEXY wolf


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Old thread >>914

Feel free to /r/equest anything, questions, comments, concerns. Ill be happy to tell you why I do what I do, and what has or hasnt worked for me.
>pic 1
Cucumbers in the front, a green bean in the middle, and two pole beans at the back.
>pics 2 and 3
Seed pods on my radishes that have bolted.
>pic 4
Newly transplanted peppers always use plant tags!
>pic 5
Newly transplanted cantaloupe
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File: 1662983390723.jpg (5.87 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20220911_170148.jpg)

>pic one
First generation spinach seeds planted. Hopefully they will sprout.
>pic two
Everything else we planted:
Red cabbage
Red kale
Red chard
Red salad lettuce
Red salad lettuce gen I
Cucumber gen I
Cow black eyed peas
Snow peas
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Forgot pic :P

Then we had a feast about it


have you ever considered to get a greenhouse


If I had the room for it I would. Honestly having a controlled environment like that can help quite a bit, as long as you can keep it sterile.


fuck that looks good
send me some

File: 1629817933192.png (22.87 KB, 252x252, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


does anyone listen to any podcasts?
I like to have background noise on, subject matter doesn't matter too much, more just chemistry of the hosts, interesting guests, and knowledge of subject matters are my concern.

pic unrelated, it's billed as a podcast but it's really just a prolonged audio-only comedy sketch
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neither one of these guys seem that niggerpilled tbh sure theyre not "the future is bright and rainbows" but when i think niggerpilled i think the obnoxious fags that spam threads with whining every time anything remotely positive is observed


ye dude seems happier now, he gets stuck in some older eps and it's just a bitchfest therapy sess


adam friedland show (cumtown sans that obnoxious faggot) has been rally gud
mullen might be one of the funniest dudes around


I'll never forgive him for scamming me in the cumtown fantasy league


listening even further i actually kinda like these guys thanks for the rec
yah stav has been holding the other two back for years hopefully their talk show thing isnt just some extended bit and they actually go places with it

File: 1660112249049.webm (30.04 MB, 720x480, 3:2, 1659975058105.webm)


runs only on win7/xp. manual is in german but you can figure the most stuff out because there are many examples. there is no real export except to an .exe file so you have to screen record the video. i added the audio to the video file but you can add it to osdm and capture both. i thought about making a thread for this on /h. it's really fun to play around with this thing
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turn off adblock


File: 1663015099138-0.webm (206.65 KB, 720x720, 1:1, SP_GET.webm)

File: 1663015099138-1.webm (9.33 MB, 718x712, 359:356, 9-11.webm)


wew lad we GETing again?


File: 1663360509241-0.webm (9.63 MB, 960x676, 240:169, this_bumps_the_thread.webm)

File: 1663360509241-1.webm (12.66 MB, 720x720, 1:1, al_mawt_li_israil.webm)


i lik usin the .today cuz itll redirect to any of the alts which can be nice if they decide to add one so its kinda like a heads up or smth idk

File: 1660986477141.png (74.73 KB, 1011x817, 1011:817, Advertisement.png)


>What is the link for the search engine?

>What can I use the search engine for currently?

1. Searching Australian Sites.
2. A Taste of the Weird Internet (the search engine does not find imageboards yet because they are on the IPv6 range)

$0 budget, now a $20 monero budget.

The next version design of this search engine is designed to find tor links, I2P links, IPv6 links and Domain Name Servers


File: 1661991520585.png (172.14 KB, 2560x1307, 2560:1307, ClipboardImage.png)

hey man just a heads up if you're going to post your website all over the internet you might not want to be hosting it from your home connection


File: 1661542858603.jpg (29.92 KB, 592x846, 296:423, 3e7.jpg (2).jpg.jpg)


Try this Fast and BTC comes in automatically Each Day with Image


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anyone wanna read a light novel together?
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trust me its nice and light


romance sounds too heavy…
because I'm scared of commitment


its light romance






make the light novel thread
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BATman and harley is a light novel


I don't want to read cape shit


>I want to read a light novel
>refuses to read a light (small/short) novel called NEXTwave


thats a comic book not a light novel
i want to read spice and wolf


never call graphic novels comic books

File: 1658995099656.png (134.45 KB, 1920x720, 8:3,


Hello, here's a one time advertisement for a new search engine.

Do not expect me to advertise this a second time, write down the website address if you want to find it again.

The search engine is free to use but additionally you may purchase complete search results in .txt documents.
There is additional features planned for this search engine.

You may use this search engine currently to explore a very weird internet.


I used to click random, sketchy links, but then I took an arrow to the knee.


Very cool.


gud share budy
any interesting finds?

File: 1641788445624.jpg (82.06 KB, 829x828, 829:828, 3e2.jpg)


Discuss writing: Fanfiction, original works, screenwriting, anything writing.
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i write buffy + spike fanfic


File: 1650923024032.jpg (272.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 11419894eeb6f5fd00_medium.jpg)

been reading picrel
jesus, they did the movie dirty. book (3?) the sister has to get raped by her brothers for invisible op laser ghost bro to do his thang
author is a total fag for D, and it's got tropes out the ass, but great man trash
i know it doesn't belong here i just wanted to talk about it


I've got a whole series that I've worked on since childhood. Some of you have probably read my description of it on /monster/ back on 8chan
Basically: it's about the far future where mankind is in a feudal society fighting each other for domination so they can decide who becomes Terran Emperor, and the main lord who can become Emperor is a young lad with a harem of genetically modified women, and then there's also this mercenary corps of hard ass motherfuckers that fight bandits, feudal armies and space barbarians and shit. Then there's magic which is basically about being schizo enough to alter reality through changing perceptions and illusions. There's also monster girls, Venus flytrap ayys, and God's entropy dream demons.


Anyone else have fixations that they research and write about endlessly, but have no one to share it with? A year or so ago I was very interested in a niche topic, and decided to research as much as I could into it. I would be going on archive.org and other websites finding as many resources as I could about what I was interested in, and cataloged a lot, but didn't know what to do with it exactly. I've considered writing a book, or making a wiki dedicated to it, but I'm not sure yet.


>be me
>try to write spicy fanfic
>give up after a certain amount of words
story of my life

File: 1574059348968-0.jpg (736.13 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20191112_130309.jpg)

File: 1574059348968-1.jpg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20191117_223134.jpg)


Picked this thing up for 500 burgerbux from some guy. Made no noise at first. Been working on it off and on for the past couple months.
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i regularly come to this thread to listen to that vid budy posted so uh i guess ok i just want it right there at the top of page one get over it loser




Did you ever fix't the organ?


i had a great organsm last week


ya he even played >us a song itt


that thread doesn't deserve to be top of page

File: 1643769526264-0.png (183.99 KB, 750x709, 750:709, buryebil.png)

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File: 1643769526264-2.png (169.19 KB, 1159x801, 1159:801, C7A619E874DE428A9BC88E5E25….png)


These digits are hereby claimed by /mlpol/.




File: 1644023939413.jpg (84.41 KB, 828x1031, 828:1031, 1642868174174.jpg)

>not even a GET
>ponyfags ban for GETs


>new posts don't show up in threads if you make a new one


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