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ITT i manage all my trainees as they ignore me


Probly gonna tweak this more later so you have a more advanced sprint program since you're not coming from complete inactivity, but should work for now as is.


General program guidelines:
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is the entire point just teaching you what extreme muscle failure is?


also you went to BUDS?


no i went to BCT but they're slowly being integrated (i had partially integrated orientation, did boats and logs etc) and are very similiar
the main point is to weed people out. there is a conditioning aspect to it but for the most part BCT / Phase 1 of BUDS is a meat grinder to only have people that absolutely positively will not give up


>its not even called BCT anymore
ya theyve changed things a bit
they were experimenting with changing stuff when i went through


so I ignored you and I'm just doing leg press and bench press
good enough right shorkcel?




i lik paki truk

File: 1618844818058.gif (22.96 KB, 107x127, 107:127, Anko Kitashirakawa Tamako ….gif)





Are you sure ?

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new hobby thread
thinking about making a computer - HT radio interface
would be cool to write something to write something to Tx/Rx SSTV, CW, and other data

so from my understanding for analog radios..

analog signal received by radio → analog signal fed to speaker

analog mic signal fed to radio → radio transmits analog signal

Attached is the circuit for a kenwood 2 pin style mic/speaker
i dont see why i couldn't hook this up to a microcontroller for prototyping and figure out how to have the board Tx, record/analyze Rx, and write stuff around that
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are you usin some gay sanfran "maker space" lmao wtf are you talmbout


its possibly the only not-gay one in the entire area
most are those faggy 'arduino rasberry pi ""hackerspace"" bing bing wahoo' shit places
this one has a small segment of that too, but it also has a full machine shop. pretty fucking rare
and no oversight and 24 hour access 😈



basically the QFP package connections are on the bottom of the chip
i need a hot air solder iron to get the chip off


hey son I'm glad you finally picked up a hobby! I'm proud of you


elevator thread


woah thats very autistic
is it even legal?
p. cool


File: 1630370587238.jpg (97.56 KB, 937x495, 937:495, elevs14.jpg)

cool vid
i lik otis


File: 1633894657356.jpg (1.65 MB, 4032x1816, 504:227, 20211010_143711.jpg)


that's a DIRTY GIRL omg

File: 1630932634019.png (379.67 KB, 1445x707, 1445:707, ClipboardImage.png)


Got any experience with these inexpensive tube headphone amps or similar?
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yeah i don't know shit about shit, trying to learn and
improve quality of my listening setup and music collection over time but i'm poor and dumb so it will take a while


File: 1633099035803-0.png (419.4 KB, 1133x1011, 1133:1011, musicscope.png)

File: 1633099035803-1.png (808.99 KB, 1159x752, 1159:752, musicscope spec.png)

ybctsn: XiVero MusicScope (and a few other XiVero audio tools) is now free (full version); the devs released it after the company went out of biz
As your attorney, I advise you to ignore the "if you were a prior customer you are entitled to click this shit" and just click that shit - it doesn't ask for a license code.
>useful for: detailed spectral analysis data/spectrograms for spotting bad transcodes, fake lossless files, etc plus a handful of other tools especially useful for analog (turntable/dsd) setups


PBTHAL vinyl rip archives: https://tonepoet.fans/


not new
>binary shit
not free, only gratis




trainspotting thread
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good footage





gud movie



ATSF No. 3751, an 1927 Baldwin 4-8-4 retired in '57 and restored in '91
>65,981 lbf (293.50 kN) tractive effort

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does anyone listen to any podcasts?
I like to have background noise on, subject matter doesn't matter too much, more just chemistry of the hosts, interesting guests, and knowledge of subject matters are my concern.

pic unrelated, it's billed as a podcast but it's really just a prolonged audio-only comedy sketch
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>he's an actor
get real
dudes been in the game since forever
he's a natural performer for sure, but you dont do something that gets you blacklisted like that for money.. its not very profitable to be removed from society


File: 1630172375570.png (113.43 KB, 792x380, 198:95, ClipboardImage.png)


3" full inches taller than joe rogan


not a podcast per se but a prolific rel unknown maker of digital files, i apprec. [j gee big rev woop woop's] a.ism


i lik dead rabbit radio and mysterious universe both paranormal and both are great for background noise and actually listening to tho sometimes the dead rabbit guy laughs at his own jokes too much and gets sidetracked so if that shit irritates you steer clear
also a bunch of history shit but unfortunately pretty much every history podcast host has been infected by faggot virus and either references star wars a lot or lets their gay modern political opinions creep through when talking about ancient historical events or both so sometimes i have to stop and delet and skip an episode because even if im using it as background noise that sort of garbage will immediately take me out of it. right now the only one i can tolerate because the host isnt too much of a faggot is "the history of england" but he'll let irritating shit slip through occasionally
fall of civilizations is a great one though theres next to no modern bolidigs :DDD only era appropriate political analysis


feel free to add to thread cuz i don't know what i'm doing and haven't even practiced this shit yet lel

drawing faces / heads with the Loomis Method


File: 1573956382225-0.jpg (394.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DSC_2474s.jpg)

File: 1573956382225-1.jpg (843.88 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DSC_2474sPERSPECTIVE.jpg)

File: 1573956382225-2.png (20.86 KB, 905x371, 905:371, Unradiused.PNG)

File: 1573956382225-3.png (129.48 KB, 1131x622, 1131:622, AR18 Flat V1.PNG)


Just wanted to post some preliminary progress regarding my AR18 build
i dont have any access to any examples of these because i live in a commie faggot state, but i've started to at least make progress on constructing an upper receiver flat.

im doing this with some knowledge ive deduced and some simplifications as such:
- an AR18 tubular receiver has internal dimensions of 1.25" x 1.25"
- an unbent flat will be approximately 5 inches across
- relative proportions from pictures will be close enough for function

using that i performed progressive rudimentary visual perspective correction for image 1 using GIMP and gridlines to get image 2. i then imported it into autocad and corrected for any rotation. i then visually mapped out the outline to get a general proportions. with this done i scaled the drawing to my 'known' dimension of 5 inches and examined the other dimensions. I then went through them and rounded up or down to units that are convenient to imperial system, and radiused select corners

This would be an iterative process of refining the flat given i dont even have access to an actual rifle. the only dimensions i can think of that will require being really close would be overall length and width. Width i know isn't going to be accurate, given that when bending sheet metal flat dimensions like that wont directly translate to the finished dimensions, but it think its a good starting point. length would be easy enough to change.

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i must have been posting all my updates in spee because none of it is here
just spend the night having serious autism and designing what im hoping will be my bending jig
i got inspired and doin my own design. will see if thats a mistake or not


mmkay keep us updated OP


ive got most of it modelled out, pretty fun to look at.


just list everything ive done since 2019:
>switched to solidworks, remodeled everything
>multiple 3d printed iterations of receiver and trunnion to narrow down the placement
>MJF printed buttstock, buttpad, prototyped a rear sling swivel to stop stock rotation
>95% modeled handguards, heat shield, front sight block, handguard retaining ring
>picked up an AR18 front sight
>found out the AR18 gas block diameter is way smaller than an ar180
>need to either reprofile the barrel (its an insane heavy bull barrel) or get a new one
>getting new one would be the simpler and possibly cheaper option
>also wouldn't have to headpace it which would make life easier
>guess i could sell the ar180 barrel?


sorry i mean ar180b not ar180


shorkcel's hobby autism general


no thats every other thread on this board

File: 1574059348968-0.jpg (736.13 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20191112_130309.jpg)

File: 1574059348968-1.jpg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_20191117_223134.jpg)


Picked this thing up for 500 burgerbux from some guy. Made no noise at first. Been working on it off and on for the past couple months.
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Maje a post


File: 1602223004456.webm (12.61 MB, 320x240, 4:3, JagDemo.webm)

Well, since you asked so nicely….
pardon the potato sound quality; it was the best i could do


nice, thanks




This is so cool I love this style of organ

File: 1566162548012.jpg (432.04 KB, 1472x876, 368:219, berserk.jpg)


pic unrelated
backstory for the email writeup is skinnyfat angsty teenbro poorfag wanting to get fit without any equipment or knowledge

Program Success and Standards

A succesful program is measured primarily on one basis: progression.

If a trainee is not making progress, in some form, than the program is a failure.

Because progress is the basis of a sucessful program, there has to be a method of measuring progress.

For strength training this is usually measured as an increase in a certain repition maximum (1RM, 5RM etc)
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>do a shrug at the top
or rather i should say HOLD a shrug at the top.. for shoulder stability reasons in that position


all right im going tomorrow so I'll tell you how it goes when I'm done


after 2 sets of lower body my legs already feel fucked up and destroyed
I'll get another set in towards the end of the workout if I can


nevermind just had a shake and feel unfucked


>feel destroyed.
lower the weight.

File: 1596801614873.png (62.54 KB, 329x317, 329:317, 1a.png)


Big list of imageboards easily sortable


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the old incarnation of the site before duder ever even created the .tk? yes


why is /sp/ ded


site crash go down. now site live.


Use .onion address, retard!


it ded

File: 1603328342043.jpg (3.71 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20201021_205055.jpg)


My roommate and I decided to try our hand at making some beer, and it turns out that the local homebrewing shop is actually going out of business, so we got everything we need for super cheap.
We decided to not bother with trying to make a recipe from scratch so we picked up a kit for "Brandy barrel double brown" which sounded kinda good.
We're gonna try and get started on it tonight so I'll post updates
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hey there anny
im very interested in your post about runescape gold
perhaps you can make a post on /h/ about iT?


have you tried any yet or are you aging it


File: 1613934951953-0.jpg (3.72 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, mom found the piss bucket.jpg)

File: 1613934951953-1.jpg (4 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, holy christ am i an alcoho….jpg)

The first batch didn't turn out very well, I think it got spoiled cause we had some issues with the airlock.
We tried again recently, made ginger beer with a recipe from a local store. It turned out really well, will make again. About 4.5% abv, but god it tastes so good I wish I could just drink it like soda.


very cool gib recipe


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