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timestamped and everything you faggots

me on the left is a picture of me 15 years ago when i ate a standard canadian diet, i ate whatever my mom cooked for me which often inclulded pork and red meat. now remember, theres nothing in ayurveda that says that red meat wont give you muscle, the reason not to eat it is because it fucks with your mind it fucks with your psychological state. the picture on the right is taken today (note the timestamp). i havent eaten red meat in 15 years, and been lacto-vegetarian for 10 years (milk and veggies, no meat) my diet is mostly milk grains and fruits. i cant say i havent had ANY red meat or meat in the 15 years between the picture on the left and the picture on the right. there were definetly times when i was eating out or a family member made a certain meal for me, but practically speaking this is what is certainly possible with a lacto-vegetarian diet, although like i said before its mostly milk, grains, and fruits. now post your body you fucking meat tranny.

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