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make the light novel thread


only if its about spice and wolf


I thought we were reading NEXTwave????


is that a LN?


yes it's a lite graphic novel


no i only want to read a Light Novel, not a graphic novel


what is a light novel sir


spice and wolf is a light novel


I'm not into anime sorry


im not talking about the anime im talking about the Light Novel


File: 1659340180349.png (530.44 KB, 617x473, 617:473, 1628600597784.png)


im not talking about a beagle coon im talking abou a Light Novel


BATman and harley is a light novel


I don't want to read cape shit


>I want to read a light novel
>refuses to read a light (small/short) novel called NEXTwave


thats a comic book not a light novel
i want to read spice and wolf


never call graphic novels comic books


just read the Twilight Saga you nasty slut


i dont wan't to read twilight saga i want to read a light novel


Read "A Brave New World."


is that a light novel?


It doesn't weigh much.


Who's the author?


Aldous Huxley


that doesn't sound japanese…..


It most certainly isnt.


why is everyone a weeb stop doin anime stop doin manga


never tell me to stop doing maga you libtard piece of shit


i think you misunderstood, i want to read a japanese Light Novel


I'll find you a japanese translation of it


That's not a Light Novel, that's just a novel that is light.
I want to read a Light Novel


explain the difference

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