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its a tampa kinda day
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just a reminder that all niggers and porch monkeys are non-refundable


what's the difference between a porch monkey and a nigger?


All porch monkeys are niggers, but not all niggers are porch monkeys. Most niggers have a wide range of mobility so they can "shop" in white neighborhoods. Porch monkeys voluntary stay close to the porch of their domicile, as to create as much chaos to their fellow ennoggerated neighbors as possible.


how this thread above even got made, and still remains with a positive ration on REDDIT of all places is beyond me
by their standards its a nigger hate thread


black people from africa are good, ameriniggers are BAAAAAAD


i have reported this thread


fuckin apes man
they need to be sent back to the jungle


NFL: Black players were retarded before they joined league, need to be extra retarded to receive a TBI settlement



What is it with America that turns people into total retards?



File: 1621292522545.jpg (133.01 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, alex-jones-gay-frog.jpg)


ayo wat up nigga


Alex Jones really start aging like crazy.
He looks like 10 years younger here.

Blumpf, divorce and deplatforming really fucks with a nigga huh ?


there are many reasons
its why muslims call it the great satan and tbh i started to agree wholeheartedly awhile ago
too bad most muslims are inbred retards too but oh well


He's done. At best he has 2 years before he says something to close to the truth and the lizardmen come down and blow his brains out.


big problem with the muzzies as well is ones who end up coming to the West get POZZED in a generation

one generation in and muslim boys are putting on a burka telling you about their she/her pronouns




lmaooo they know their place


File: 1621353073341-0.mp4 (439.3 KB, 202x360, 101:180, 1462108136580-1.mp4)

File: 1621353073341-1.mp4 (538.2 KB, 202x360, 101:180, 1462108136588-2.mp4)

File: 1621353073341-2.jpg (136.37 KB, 535x713, 535:713, bH5pQAq.jpg)

what beef do niggers have with cats? is it because lions ate them back then?


only whites care about animals tbh


nah they're just filled with a constant adrenaline fueled monkey rage that drives them to destroy


gotta slay that pussy yo


legitimately funny that even one of the most nigger loving sports orgs even recognizes them as retarded


they dont tho otherwise they wouldnt have killed/driven off all the white farmers in rhodesia then immediately wondered why theyre starving to death shits bout to happen in south africa before too long as well


people keep saying that but yuros are getting triggly since the coof first hit the news
mortality salience increases in-group preference
they might decide to play cowboys and niggers


Shit has already been happening in SA. White ppl getting kicked out of their own companies and hired as CEO week later because they don't know what they're doing lol. This whole redistribution of wealth idea is so fucking abstract that nobody has any idea how to make it work.


redistribution of wealth isn't abstract
they're just too stupid to understand causation


thanks for reminding me why i hate niggers


wealth redistribution dont even work when ((whites)) are in charge
see also, communism


>wealth distribution
its fundamentally broken because it disincentives work in the first place
a small number of competant people (~10%) are responsible for the majority of work that gets done in any one place in the first place
so once you fuck those people over it all goes to shit


this is why fat chicks are illegal


by 'bout to happen' i mean there wont be any whites left in SA at all like in rhodesia they still have white communities in SA but that can be changed real quick if the niggers get outside help like what happened in rhodesia
i fuckin hope so it seems more likely to happen in yurup first than the great satan at this point


if they have a big chimpout they will probably expect the UN or ANC or something to come help them ethnically cleanse the boers
i think it's more likely some coalition of france or the low countries will send a small peacekeeping force that ends up needing a lot of DNS


i really need to check my DNS


wait isnt this literally just an old cuckchan post?
having deja vu


>This whole redistribution of wealth idea is so fucking abstract that nobody has any idea how to make it work.
yea its not supposed to work
in SA case, it was specifically to turn the place into an easily exploitable turd-world shithole so that imperialist forces could suck it dry of resources while the locals all beat each other to death with rocks


File: 1621529018974.mp4 (3.11 MB, 360x640, 9:16, getdawaddanigguh_remix.mp4)


irl hadouken gone wrong

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