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File: 1629657721090.jpg (187.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Call-of-Duty-Vanguard-the-….jpg)


>Call of Duty: Vanguard has been revealed alongside a confirmation that publisher Activision has put nearly all of its mainline studios on the Call of Duty franchise.

>Vanguard is being helmed by developer Sledgehammer Games while Treyarch and Raven Software will take charge of Zombies and Warzone respectively. Infinity Ward will continue to support the recent Modern Warfare game in addition to working on the next Call of Duty installment.

>Furthermore; developers High Moon Studios, Beenox, Demonware, and Toys for Bob will contribute by offering development support across Vanguard and Warzone. They will also be presumably directed by Activision to look over other unannounced Call of Duty projects when needed.

>It should also be noted that a new Activision Mobile studio has been founded to work on a new Call of Duty mobile game, which will be supported by Beenox and the Shanghai division of the publisher.

>Activision has now fully dedicated eight out of ten of its core studios to the Call of Duty franchise. That reportedly makes over 2,000 developers and staffers working on the future of the franchise and which will continue to grow with a major recruitment drive already underway.

Thanks Bobby… that's just… great
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idk idgaf about random zoomer games
id imagine its over now, but they made so much dosh on that shit its insane


really? suits them right though


didn't they already do a WWII game? Do they have like 0 new ideas at this point?


they stopped having new ideas after the first advanced warfare and even then the only reason to play it was zombies
all theyre gonna do now is retread ww2 for propaganda purposes like what happened with battlefield because dude we need more
in our game about a war where two of those played borderline zero roles in anything and the third was still an offense that could get you friendly fired


>the only reason to play it was zombies
this is the only cowadoody i remember
the one with zombies
idk which one

File: 1629409590222.jpg (215.13 KB, 720x759, 240:253, jrpg.jpg)


It really do be like that
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File: 1629806778975.png (8.5 MB, 2048x1448, 256:181, ClipboardImage.png)

p5's battle system was pretty fun though. I do agree though, the first 3 dq's really capture the essence of a JRPG in the purest sense imo.
Some people call them basic but even with limited exposition, and no dialogue from the MC in some of them I felt it was able to make you feel part of the world and story better than most other games that tried to do a lot more.
In Dragon Quest for instance you get your ass kicked pretty hard early as you make you way down across the map in the first leg of the game. When you start the second leg, I'm guessing intentionally you cross over the starting area and it feels really rewarding, like you are a sort of shonen protagonist as it demonstrates your progress up to this point. What was kicking your ass a few hours before is just fodder now. A lot of jrpg's are always scaling things up so everything feels just right but in this original DQ they point out to you that you have in fact become much strong in a short period of time and that you can in fact complete your quest and be the hero. IDK I was smoking a lot of weed when I played it and it gave me some serious feels.
I still have my discs of DQ7 for the psx that I never finished and really should start it up and finish it this time. DQ is literal comf and doesn't bog you down with all the crap some of the later FF titles do. NTTAWWT


eh I generally like Persona/SMT's press turn system but 120 hours of it was too much imo, SMT has around the right length for me
As for DQ yeah the simplicity is what makes them enjoyable for me. With all the existentialism, moral ambiguity, edgy teenagers killing God etc. that most JRPGs have been doing for the past 25 years it's nice to go back to a basic "kill the demon king and save you're waifu" kinda story sometimes.
Never played the first 2 games tho, are the SNES or GBC versions better? Also I thought 2 was supposed to be shit


I played GBC 1, 2 and 3. The SNES version from what I understand are better versions of the GBC versions so I'd say go for those.
2 gets a bad wrap, it starts slow, and there is a pretty big difficulty spike at the end and that puts you in an out of the fire into the frying pan situation but I liked it.
It really really had some show don't tell stuff as far as the story goes, and subtle stuff. Not even like X happened and then Y happened but some pretty crazy character development that I'd describe as whatever the opposite of heavy handed is.


the problem with dragon quest is that the whole thing is a one trick pony, and it's a trick that every rpgmaker game ever has copied.
what's worse is that it's a trick with neither variety nor replayability. Compare it to a proper turn based game, I'll invoke OG XCOM since it's the doom of the genre, and it's night and day just how much you can experiment with your play style in every fight


File: 1629850625365.png (231.53 KB, 750x650, 15:13, 2439.png)

rpgmaker games are a facsimilie, DQ hits somethin more often than not tbh that the a cookie cutter rpg make game doesn't.
not to deride rpg maker games in general as there is some good stuff there but what DQ does is easy to imitate but hard to actually get right.
Maybe I'm a fan boy, but if you real niggas would understand

File: 1629656671899.png (2.46 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, Quake-Enhanced-3.png)


Anyone play it yet? They released a new expansion to go along with this release.
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What does it actually add? From what I've seen it just looks like a HD texture pack or something


oh boy, windmills
that's exactly what quake needs


Never played Quake before. Can someone give me a quick rundown on it?

It looks like a late PS2 era game OP


it's doom but 3D
bhopping is fun but the level design isn't



File: 1629657351209.jpg (230.22 KB, 896x504, 16:9, 01_0.jpg)


>“I will say that we are in some ways very much a Japanese company still,” Hulst said. “That’s our heritage. That’s still part of who we are. We love our Japanese games. We’re building out Team ASOBI under Nicolas Doucet, so we’re actually investing in that team. People forget sometimes that we have Polyphony Digital, which is a team in two locations."

>“We are investing in our external development group out of Tokyo as well, and that’s a team that has obviously worked with the likes of FromSoftware and Kojima Productions. So we are very invested in Japanese development, and Japanese development is something that we love… I think it’s such a core part of the PlayStation identity, that I can’t ever see us shy away from Japanese or even Asian development.”

Ummm actually sweaty don't you see they love Japan, that's why they shuttered their real Japanese studios and are just moneyhatting games they didn't make instead! They are even pumping money into their that one team that makes shovelware tech demos, bravo SONY!!!!


it's not enough to murder the company, now they have to drag the corpse around and make it dance like a marionette

File: 1627225176580.jpg (652.3 KB, 923x1990, 923:1990, rejectedwiinames.jpg)


What's your favorite rejected name for the Wii?
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>New Nintendo Game Cube


Wii is basically a Gamecube in terms of specs, it's when Nintendo really starting lagging behind in terms of performance


gamecube itself was pretty far behind ps2 and xbox iirc


Wasn't gamecube much better hardware wise than most 6th gen console?


>nintendo IDEA
or lack thereof

no not even close

File: 1625817418479.jpg (2.59 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, f8b6e209fbd22ffc0befe95194….jpg)


i didnt know jim was so based
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Meant to say spergy faggot instead of site spammer. Must have gotten that from reading a post made in another website


>dont make my smile go bisexual

faggot with a forced meme

> have no clue what that schizo shitpost you made even mean

It means that you're a nigger. Did you understand or do I have to bang rocks for your nigger brain to understand?


File: 1629503957638.png (272.02 KB, 584x578, 292:289, 2aa4486d8243ff48cb002875b3….png)

lewd jims


smh @ this cowardly transexual frowner saging like a twatterboi
'_'7 to the brave bisexual smilers that fight these terrorists and defend speevees sovereignty from subhuman altvees


its tru doe
maybe if the others were more ANGERY, i wouldnt
but angrybro just gets so ANGERY, i cant help myself


Hey retards go to fatchan/vr/ and post your 1cc high scores to get on the high score board that's how everyone knows ur the best so get to it chop chop


File: 1629473669548.jpg (204.55 KB, 645x740, 129:148, e6ce75fd200060413014dfd3a8….jpg)

>/chuuba/ - Vtubers
>/sci/ - Rational Science
>/lain/ - serial experiments lain


File: 1629492680295.png (730.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1643894.png)

jesus christ how horrifying


i thought the guy who made fatchan quit like a bitch and shut the site down last year


don't tell me what to do

File: 1629409631381.jpg (98.47 KB, 1024x996, 256:249, ohno.jpg)


What's he playing bros?




akibas trip


Alimony Simulator



File: 1625956665649-0.jpg (116.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, HISOUTENSOKU.jpg)

File: 1625956665649-1.webm (18.17 MB, 640x480, 4:3, TOURNAMENT OP.webm)


Your board is cordially invited to participate in a fighting game tournament. Score as high as you are able and earn glory for yourself and/or your board.


BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUSUMMER
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/YqyzwFiOym

Hisoutensoku is an expansion to Touhou 10.5 SWR and is a multiplayer fighting game made by Tasofro with ZUN's approval. It's easy to learn, hard to master battle system makes for fun and fast paced matches with counterhits often launching girls across the screen. Very fast when played right. As a P2P game, game hosts must forward ports in order to play it or use specific workarounds.

Full installation: https://mega.nz/file/JaZ1WCrZ#S5KOFmp7vvV6I31hmJh157q9Nw0Z0fDMYb01WBQ4h_Y

This repack contains pre-configured soku alongside quality-of-life mods like automatically enabling rollback (sokuroll), autopunch, netplay lobby and being able to change contents of your deck in the character selection menu during netplay. Simply extract and enjoy the game.
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File: 1627490544489.jpg (169.05 KB, 640x480, 4:3, soku op.jpg)

THIRD TOURNAMENT STARTS AT JULY 31ST, 8PM UTC https://time.is/UTC https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210731T20

BRACKETS LINK: https://challonge.com/SOKUDUELIST
SIGN UP FOR THE TOURNEY HERE: https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/DyLvyC1y7h
STREAM LINK (when the tourney starts): https://cytu.be/r/touhourney


https://cytu.be/r/touhourney - PRESTREAM UP https://prolikewoah.com/t/20210731T20 TOURNAMENT BEGINS IN ABOUT AN HOUR GET IN HERE


Thanks. Can't wait for the next stream


np bby

File: 1627015712892.jpg (46.04 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, dead-space-remake-devs-dis….jpg)


>H-hey you guys remember Dead Space right?!? R-right????
>Yes we did kill off Visceral and shelve Dead Space for a decade but you have to give us money now, look it's Isaac!!!

Callisto Protocol can't come soon enough lol, this is embarrassing
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i didnt have a gud pc when i bought that collection
i also wasnt aware of how jewish the video game industry is
i have learned many things since


At least you learned about it eventually. I'd be worse if you kept lining up to have your wallet fucked hard


oh fuck i might have got 'grand wizard' mixed up 'grand master' when i was trying to invite some brave knights of the ku klux klan here


what the fuck are you talking about?


"grand master" is a chess term

File: 1628293682538.jpg (177.62 KB, 938x554, 469:277, galerius.jpg)


Uh… Salve, friend. I'm Galerius. Mind telling me who you are and what you were doing in the Shrine of Proserpina?
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>go in blind
but than how can i see what im doing in the game 🤔?


you make a sound like a bat or some shit go click click with your tongue and listen to the echoes of the pixels


dude wtf i just did this and i accidently crashed my car fuck you


File: 1629236467056.mp4 (15.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, scannersombre.mp4)

Reminded me of this game


lmao youre supposed to use the horn when your in a car thats what its for
oh neat
is that a gud game or is it just a pretty walking simulator with occasional platforming? i'll probably pirate it and play it either way tbh

File: 1628573692110.jpg (1.71 MB, 1612x3420, 403:855, sieis.jpg)


Who are you picking?
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Not sure if you're memeing but the source is Rainbow Six Siege characters


Ahh I see

ubi games suck anyway


no its the new battletoads gayme


IOI looks like a fuckin fish hahahaha


File: 1629235742800.mp4 (1.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, beepbeep.mp4)

>no its the new battletoads gayme

File: 1624943193056.png (231.11 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ClipboardImage.png)


whats the appeal?
why do retards spend 1500 WarBucks™ for a character skin or a player card
theres hundreds, if no thousands of these by now, what dipshits are supporitng this
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no it was a soccer game thats for sure


You avin' a giggle m8? bloody yanks I swer on me mum


blow it out your ass


It's a power fantasy for most people that play it



You're misspelling football anon

File: 1604979787492-0.gif (35.29 KB, 673x505, 673:505, RAEGE-an.gif)

File: 1604979787492-1.jpeg (98.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2006-ultimate-masters.jpeg)


ITT: post broken, unbalanced or frustrating games

>Yugioh 2006 Ultimate masters for GBA

This fucking game is so horribly optimized. The first CPU opponents you fight against are literally the hardest. It is so unforgivably unfair and shitty. It's practically unplayable in the long term. There's no story, no characters and there's practically nothing to do except battle CPU bots.

You can't even play as Jaden in this game, or even talk to him and say hello or something. ==WHY THE FUCK IS HE EVEN IN THE BOX ART THEN KONAMI??? FFS==
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Not to mention the retarded kids who keep shilling:
>Don't cry, don't whine, it's the best that Rockstar could provide us

And it's getting shitcanned for the PS3 and Xbox 360 this december, that was truly Take2's surprise this E3.


That's what you get for trusting Rockstar games with anything


Membership? Checkpoints in a multiplayer game? Pause in multiplayer? Poor payment rewards, just do more worthwhile stuff? What solo missions?
What the fuck are you on about?

The big issues with GTA online is dead lobbies, mission game-over if just ONE guy dies, never any incentive to PVP in freemode, endless cheaters, constant chinese spam in the chat, and the ==FUCKING OPPRESSOR MK2 P2W BULLSHIT==


GTA online was just a cashgrab anyway. cockstar never cared for it to begin with


Everything was wrong with GTAonline. But it doesn't matter bc cockstar made and is still making a gorillion dollars from that game

File: 1590777263434-0.png (432.55 KB, 1256x654, 628:327, s4max.png)

File: 1590777263434-1.jpg (135.24 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1_allkeys.jpg)

File: 1590777263434-2.png (231.42 KB, 1406x1003, 1406:1003, s4maxw.png)


S4Max Gamenight: Where the Fuck are we at Edition

TL;DR: This is handegg with guns and korean anime girls walljumping everywhere at hihg speeds. You can also wield a fuckoff huge sword and smack people around.

>Download & Mirrors:


>How to set up:

Just run the executable and it'll do its thing. Once you're in you can choose a username and password and then you'll be set.
See pic related for a guide on what to equip. Play some tutorials, there's one general tutorial (on the lobby page), and a tutorial for each weapon class (in the shop).

>How do I play it

S4 League is a weaboo arena third-person-shooter with gimmicks. Mechanics are fairly straightforward run, jump, and shoot.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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youd have to advertise on other sites too theres maybe three regulars here
just be careful because webring niggers love their petty board war faggotry




kek, iktf


this is a good anime poster though. Be nice

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