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>Don't worry, this ones on me!
ITT we thank Tim for buying us all these games


ive never took any of those free games because i'd rather just pirate a game than install that chink cryptomining botnet
the only game i wish i would've gotten was elite dangerous, that game looks pretty sweet


The joke is that he pays devs a lot of money to get games onto EGS, so you can pirate them with zero guilt because they've already made their money


that jokes not very funny tbh


Your mom's not that thin, still fucked her tbh


Same, the only PC gaymen service I'd actually consider buying from is GOG but I'd rather just pirate their shit tbh


> I'd rather just pirate their shit tbh
they do make it ez


feeling guilt over pirating games in the first place is pretty gay


Who dis guy?


Epic "Games" Tim


Timmy Tomato Town


my rule is if its been 2 gens since its released, its fair game to pirate
i mean ffs no company is hurting on lost sales from 15 year old software


i just download as soon as i see it on crackwatch
most video games are written by bugmen working for globohomo corps, i hope they all starve to death


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just spiderweb software


I personally think it's fine in any situation. Why would you spend money on something you can get for free with no negative repercussions? Especially when you're getting a better experience with pirating most of the time since you don't have to deal with Steam/Epic Games/whatever other shitty DRM frontends. Maybe I can understand if it's some small indie studio you want to support, but feeling an obligation to give money to multi-million dollar corporations is just retarded.

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