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Or just shitty communities.

I'll start with this one. One of the worst playerbases I've ever come into contact with.
I don't know why, just the way the game is designed? The lack of matchmaking causing me to play with shitskins from the other side of the globe? The crossplay?
Probably all of those


left 4 dead 2 has a pretty insufferable cuntish playerbase if you dont wind up with a group that will votekick someone over the slightest error then you wind up with a group with one asshole that charges as far ahead as possible setting off car alarms or disturbing witches the whole way which tbh is kinda funny sometimes but not all the time
theres also a lot of fart huffers that get overly mad at new players like calm down nigger sometimes newbies wanna try out the multiplayer instead of playing with bots how else are they gonna git gud at playing with actual people
not saying to cater to utter retards but it can be a blast to play with newbies and watch them blunder a little bit


>xhe played gtav
<xhe playd gta online


I really don't like the more elitist fanbases. Like Soulsfags, SMT, old Fallout etc. The actual games are good so I understand the enthusiasm but having a sense of superiority over others based on your taste in vidya is really gay tbh. Also there's the obvious ones like Smash, Undertale, Persona etc


>I really don't like the more elitist fanbases. Like Soulsfags
It's a bit like DOOMfags in the 90's. A lot of people thought id Software would never be topped, and every other FPS was just a cheap imitator. We're in that weird transition phase where people aren't ready to accept a new genre.


i remember my ex gf got stoned and spent like 2hrs LARPing like she was playing the sims, making a sooper babely character, then got run over immediately at spawn and quit
i didnt play online cuz it sucked, so that was the character for my account

much later on, i was bored and played for like maybe an hour one day and all of a sudden while not on a mission i started receiving millions of dollars and leveling up constantly for like 10mins
then i was tpd to the top of that one big building and a bunch of dudes with sports cars were doing jumps over me
by the time it was done i had several hundred billion dollars iirc, and was like lvl200
they sent me a bunch of thirsty af autistic messages i didnt respond to and i just went around buying literally everything that was available to purchase for another hour or so, then got bored and logged off and never played again

from what i remember of the game, the regular missions all sucked and werent fun, and the custom missions were all these retarded meme race courses where you had to drive on irritatingly tiny shit through the sky
the audio of the game was completely drowned out by constant 12yo BR macacaos screeching into the mic, and i didnt know how to mute individual players so i never played ever again

tl;dr imma gril gaymer and i got h@xxxed by some BR-tire PS3 h@x0rs
10/10 will never play again


i agree with the online discussion around those games being insufferable elitism
esp since you know 99% of everyone is full of shit and totally looked everything up on wikis to minmax like faggots i know i did, openly. much to the chagrin of /v/irgins
also h8d ​the fashionsouls fags masturbating to their virtual selves for endless threads

that said, i used to have a lot of fun on demons souls online, and ds2 online
1 was ok, but it was mostly just twinking in the forest w the dark wood fag ring, or getting twinked in the forest by the dark wood fag ring ime. and/or giant dad spam
2 was actually rly fun imo, because there was a huge variety of viable PvP builds plus you could respec. and also some rly fun side covenants that encouraged you to destroy peoples armor/weapons and grief like crazy like the rat king
prolly the only games i ever actually played online for w any regularity
it was a bit obtuse, ill admit, but i think the way that online was implemented in-universe was actually p clever

last time i played any of them was just after demons souls shut down their serbs
shortly thereafter i heard that some ledditors were starting a public community serb and decided to go on and shitpost
thought it was gonna be a bunch of faggots, with a bunch of restrictions and impossible to find a match, but it was the total opposite
there was no level restrictions at all, not even vanilla and i was getting more matches than i had with the OG serbs, and less lag to boot.
also most were there to shitpost as well, and they had even made some QoL changes like being able to immediately shift client-side world tendencies via soapstone messages
they didnt even get mad about me duping, and id see phantoms doing the same dupe trick all day

never participated in their gay circlejerk leddit or dicksword obv, but all in all it was pleasantly surprising
havent touched my PS3 in like 2yrs so i have no idea if that serb got gayed up, if its still open to the public, or if its even still alive

demons souls had the best community ime
ds2 was fun too due to its large variety of builds


that shit was doomed from the start and tobyfox knew exactly what he was doing you dont just make a goat mom character and not expect furries to absolutely destroy any possibility of anyone giving a fuck about the game itself which i enjoyed a little tbh but good lord the threads when the full game was released were enough to make me wanna puke


A buddy of mine is a Soulsfag lore elitist, it's pretty insufferable.
Everyone who thinks they need to add an easy mode should log off the internet permanently though


>Everyone who thinks they need to add an easy mode should log off the internet permanently though
Fallen Order had difficulty options and the game turned out fine, it's not that big a deal


who are all the people on this board willingly playing self-admitted bad vidya???


>Fallen Order


File: 1627332253659.jpg (1.03 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, image_star_wars_jedi_falle….jpg)

Sekiro clone with a Star Wars paint job, it was pretty neat.


Is it getting a sequel?


File: 1627885745955.png (8.68 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, dathomir.png)

Nothing announced. But it exceeded sales expectations and EA have now said they want more single-player Star Wars games. 90% likely we are getting another one.


File: 1630715602162.jpg (94.64 KB, 1080x2246, 540:1123, Muhammad Khaled.jpg)

>Points out why Cuckstar doesn't add the solo DLC's to story mode
<<Suck it up, that's the best they could provide, quit your whining, we're aware they've sucking cock lately.
I know GTA attracts 13 year olds, but this retarded?

It's practically "free" if you ever bought a PS4 which also includes some membership for Fartnite, they didn't even bothered to fix the fucking nerve toxic heist interruption glitch to this date.


File: 1630774356897.jpeg (261.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1a6fce2581001c91bf3066cc9….jpeg)

>playing online multiplayer games on a console
git gud git radeon™


This was delayed to next year.


File: 1631499451804.jpg (44.88 KB, 691x720, 691:720, 1574793341203.jpg)

holy fuck this is even worse than the Skyrim re-releases at this point, at least with those I can laugh at Todd memes


Imagine the remaining little tards defend this overpriced tutorial mode.


They keep getting re-released because nobody has managed to top them in all this time


don't know if you're memeing but it's kind of true, nobody else really makes games in the same style as Bethesda so people will just play Skyrim until like 2030 when they finally release TES6. Same situation with GTA (except Saint's Row but those games are shit lol)


What really pisses me off is they're selling the rest of game as online exclusive content, if you don't have internet connection: You're stuck with the tech demo called Story Mode, which one of CEO's was pushing for because Take2 wanted the game to function with online only.


I'd add: Genshin Impact, but they're basically the same retards from Legue of Legends. Waifufags turn everything to shit.


lol it's fucking F2P games they'd be shit regardless of whether or not they contain waifus


>whether or not they contain waifus


File: 1632955503121.jpg (154.63 KB, 1192x670, 596:335, skullgirls.jpg)

when did skullgirls go f2p?


The android version I think

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