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I finished Persona 5. Is Persona 3FES worth playing?


no but P1 and P2 are


JRPGs are not worth playing, no


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The atmosphere and music are top tier but the gameplay is like 300 floors of the same randomly generated dungeon


ive always thought 2 looked rly good
pill me


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It's basically just an SMT game with an anime high school theme iirc
also Hitler lol


File: 1630887198239.png (169.27 KB, 540x314, 270:157, Minesota Fats' world conqu….png)

Basically this, you're better off downloading its soundtrack than to blow your hard earned money into a visual novel.


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>hard earned money
nigger just emulate that shit, even if you have a toaster there's the PSP version
Also if OP liked Persona 5 he can probably tolerate 3 since 5 was even worse with the VN shit


hows the difficulty?
comparable to nocturne? harder? easier?


dating sim memes aside, i think P5 is mechanically a much better game tbh
the non-rng dungeons and the cover mechanics make for a much better exp on the RPG side of things. P3 was fine enough, but the core of the game really does just come down to 200-some-odd auto-generated dungeon floors, with very little visual difference

think id have to say the music is better as well in 5


Boys don't have butts like that


File: 1630941767284.jpg (108.24 KB, 400x315, 80:63, Snake_ass.jpg)



Depends on what kind of man


I started this to fight hitler but i was running around a high school for like thirty minutes before i threw it out what the fuck why are jrpgs so fucking garbage who plays this shit it's barely even a game it's just tabletop trash with animations jrpgs should not be considered videogames


File: 1631036026914.jpg (35.59 KB, 288x499, 288:499, why.jpg)

>insulting /tg/


File: 1631058153680.png (372.31 KB, 620x467, 620:467, 1444169821602.png)

I actually like vidya RPGs but doing it irl with a bunch of fat neckbeards is too much for me tbh


p5 story was infuriating and turned me off the series tbh


File: 1631076795582-0.jpeg (566.27 KB, 1832x1080, 229:135, 257-1550715464-673474994.jpeg)

File: 1631076795582-1.jpg (151.19 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, mount_and_blade_01.jpg)

Tabletop rules are pointless if the game is railroaded or forces you into a specific character/s. You might as well just make it an action game. The only games that actually benefit from tabletop rules are sandbox RPG's like Kenshi or Mount and Blade


The other games are basically the same shit so you're not missing much tbh. If you at least liked the gameplay maybe check out SMT instead


File: 1631247275713.png (41.65 KB, 271x227, 271:227, Persona Critic.png)

I'm more surprised how it skyrocketed compared to SMT, even it startled the hornets nest over a gay joke.


I can sympathize, but it's pretty damn nice to have total freedom in your game, which is something still only tabletop can do. And even if your GM is a railroading cunt you can still enjoy griefing him.
tabletop rules can be good for increasing transparency of game systems and lowering total devtime, if done well. They're also an objective good for proper turn-based games.


Less transparency would actually improve a lot of RPGs. For example, if skill checks were hidden, so you don't know what dialogue options are skill checks and which aren't. Then you'd have to think more carefully about what you say rather than just blindly going for the skill check option which is (almost) always the best.


There's actually an option to do that in some mod I have for New Vegas, doesn't really work this since I've played the game so many times and remember everything


often yes, sometimes no or partially no. New Vegas would be on the far end of bad, where you know how everything, especially dialogue will turn out before you do it. the level of automation in that transparency for example can also be important, again depending on the game. if you see a prompt that says 69% chance of failure that's very streamlined and doesn't slow down the pace, but it's also lame in a lot of ways that should be self-evident. However if the game doesn't calculate all that for you, but instead provides you the full or partial formula and you eyeball or do the calculations in your head to determine you have roughly 70% chance, that places a lot of demands on the player and slows down the pace but provides what's often a much deeper, more textured and rewarding experience. Really it's just an extension of the game's design philosophy. For opacity to a degree of bad, look at a lot of systems in Morrowind. If you encounter a lock, you have no knowledge beyond "the lock is n hard, security skill and the lockpick quality are contributing factors". Or did you know that you can't block swings that impact hit you from more than 20% to the right of the screen? Morrowind is exactly the kind of game that would have benefited from more transparency provided from within the game itself.


File: 1631576534062.jpg (297.1 KB, 1280x1138, 640:569, 1580128733897.jpg)

I guess the kawaii Japanese high school setting just has more mass appeal than edgy Satanist post-apocalypse with giant phallic dick demons everywhere
Also I find it funny how they tried to censor the gay joke in P5R by turning it into a tranny joke which just pissed them off even more


then dont do it with fat neckbeards?
are all your irl buddies fat neckbeards?

i used to play 3.5 with all the fucking weirdos id met at shows and it was fucking awesome. its the penultimate version of RPGs. you can do whatever you want provided the DM is cool
basically entirely dependent on the quality of your DM tho
best one i ever had was some weird industrial/goth dude with shitty piercings/tattoos. i remember one campaign we started, and he had a whole thing planned for us.
then i felt like shitposting, and cast an illusory bat swarm inside of a local bank.
DM warned me:
>thats a LOT of bats, you know?
i knew
guy didnt even blink, and the rest of the party rolled with it and the entire campaign instantly shifted to a nation wide bank robbing spree.
i was eventually captured after inadvertently seducing a local barmaid who was working as an informant for the local guards due to how many banks we had robbed and was decapitated in the middle of town

tl;dr you should /tg/ tbh


Playing P3 FES rn it’s alright although it can get boring because levels look all the same. Would still recommend.
Would also recommend you play persona 5 strikers since it’s more persona 5 but with funner gameplay.


File: 1631785463245.jpg (56.66 KB, 486x588, 81:98, 1631582857807.jpg)



what its a fun game and i dont even like dynasty warriors


File: 1631813731703.jpg (184.71 KB, 909x835, 909:835, 1.jpg)

this feels obligatory

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