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*cums on your face*


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buy our flippin loot crates CUCK


i likd re1 remake
cant think of a single other one ive enjoyed though


What about remakes that take a shitty game and make it actually good? like Metroid 2 or the 6 gorillion different OG Final Fantasy remakes



it's a shame that Contra gets nothing but shitty mobile games these days, dat soundtrack is pretty fuckin good tho


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>metroid 2


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the 3ds remake of star fox 64 was ok, they changed some of the voices tho


Sorry but good remakes/reboots exist.
I know /v/irgins are supposed to hate everything modern (except for Nintoddler games) and tongue clean Mark's gunt crease but its just not true.


what's wrong with sucking nigger dicks? you some kinda faggot or something?


>/v/alkan drama
lel nah


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>Sorry but good remakes/reboots exist.


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It was actually the entire original cast, they just had to revoice it apparently due to the low quality of the N64 voices. Recently people found the uncompressed voices in that gigaleak though so someone should just mod those in tbh


i didnt know that
they sound so different especially the frog
guess its hard to do that squeaky kid voice 20 years later


File: 1632266136998.png (239.1 KB, 952x683, 952:683, 1547482262874.png)

the N64 voices were also heavily compressed so that probably made some difference too
but it's a shame that the only good Star Fox game for like 20 years was just a remake, they should port that Wii U game and remove all the motion control bullshit and maybe it'd be playable


yah i though zero looked neat but then found out its required to use the shitty gamepad gimmick controls to actually hit anything
unfortunate but i doubt theyll ever make a gud star fox game again cause the bare minimum of effort still guarantees furrybux at the very least


File: 1632319327423.jpg (121.99 KB, 1300x863, 1300:863, 58416624-handsome-male-hip….jpg)

>mmm yes, contarianism and a cockfetish, this fits me really well


File: 1632552777574.gif (362.84 KB, 860x652, 215:163, get vaxxed loser.gif)



this, fuck boomers


if you post soyjak you've automatically lost the argument




RE1 had a good remake. Though I still prefer to replay the original for a quick run.


I like the Remake way more than the original tbh. The aesthetics of the mansion, the music, the sounds its just objectively better.


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>sage is a downvote!


File: 1633263267811.gif (601.45 KB, 358x400, 179:200, soy.gif)

>I like the Remake way more than the original
Not surprised at all.


>when the tranny frown hits and u just gotta soypost
take a bisexual smile every now and the twatterboi


wtf where'd you find this picture of me?


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monster world 2


my bismile says otherwise and it's directed str8 at you twatterboi 8=====D (;






idk Ren X has a ton of soul, very fun to play
definitely maintains the soul of the original


lol try playing Dragon Quest 1-3 for NES instead of the SNES/GBC remakes


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>he played the remakes
fucking normalfag


File: 1651598973408.png (100.17 KB, 300x175, 12:7, 51cd71ee57e9dbd6e6f0a73c76….png)

bruh it's literally the same game but with less menu navigating and more QoL
also pic related


No such thing as a normie chan, only a chan with normalfags


ya but this is normiechan




In all honesty, I was expecting the first Mafia remake worse, but only the controllers are ass and the driving can get tedious. Not bad for the Polish.

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