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just woke up from tacoma


and my question is

this cupHead game any good (on pc)?


its ok its basically just one long boss rush with vary gud animation
also i want to play with the mermaids titties


thx for the response
i noticed those too


welcome back


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It's a modern classic, definitely wort playing. Don't recommend long play sessions though, very easy to start raging and hating the game


does it make you dizzy/nauseous/migraine or anything like that? i saw a vid of a level in a beehive and the amount of independent motion+parallax stuf going on kinda made me feel overstimmed
also her chub is giving me a chub iykwim


the beehive prolly has some of the most background shit going on most of the other levels dont have all that much going on in the background


also yikwym budy me too


Beehive was fine for me, the Genie is fucking nauseating though


i thought the genie background was cool as shit, i liked the beehive too but if a bunch of background activity throws someone off those are the two that'll definitely get them

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