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as an excuse to ask how to into switch emu cuz im a tardfag

Whatcha emulatin anon? Is it good?


My PC is too much of a toaster for Switch emulation but I've heard of Yuzu and RyujiNX so look into those. Haven't really emulated anything recently but playan SMTV on console, bretty good game so I'd recommend it if you manage to get the emulators working


thx budy
is switch worth pickin up on white-impaired friday? what other games you rec? haven't played a mario since n64 but some of the new ones look fun


Yeah Mario Odyssey is pretty decent, and 3D World is fun if you have some bros to play co-op with. I also liked Xenoblade and Metroid, and there's a fuck ton of Wii U ports if you missed out on that console (Donkey Kong, Wonderful 101 etc)
>is switch worth pickin up on white-impaired friday
It has a decent library but I'd just emulate if you can since Nintendie games never seem to decrease in price. Maybe go for it if the whole portable aspect is important to you


good point. i'll check out those programs you mentioned then and wait for SMTV to crack then


There's already a ROM out there as far as I know, found this https://rpgonly.com/shin-megami-tensei-v-switch-nsp-xci/ but no idea if it's legit


ah shit nice lookin out, i'll try and get it up and running this weekend


File: 1637688961056.gif (1.97 MB, 1000x714, 500:357, 1574786961991.gif)

Recently I've been trying out some Atari stuff just because the entire romset is like 5mb. The majority of it is complete shit but there's some pretty fun stuff in there. Makes me think it's kinda funny how AAA devs are spending millions on grafix when it's actually possible to make a decent game out of a few pixels and some basic colours


File: 1637702228116.jpeg (13.07 KB, 400x400, 1:1, atari.jpeg)


And here's the option of playing any Atari game you want via an online emulator


And there's a new Atari console coming out soon that has practically every game from Atari if you prefer playing a console instead



File: 1637703033617.jpg (125.87 KB, 2060x1288, 515:322, Atari-VCS-Family-2060x1288.jpg)

That new Atari actually looks pretty cool, especially how they used real wood and all. But 400 burgerbux for what is essentially a low end Linux PC with Steam and emulators installed seems a bit steep


that is purty


Even pixel games now can be about 1GB big. The 4K remastered final fantasy SNES games were 1gb each in size.


File: 1637775246627.jpg (263.14 KB, 746x420, 373:210, 3-3.jpg)

lol how many times can SE re-release the old FF games?
Still, at least they look better than those phone versions they made a while ago (pic related)


its legit ty budy. newer gen emus are fickle af but ryu/yuzu arent bad
game is great so far


File: 1637875603906.jpg (203.92 KB, 1941x682, 1941:682, 1637616113057.jpg)

if you enjoy it check out the other SMT games too (if you haven't already), pretty much the whole series is emulatable. I'd recommend Nocturne (also on Switch) IV and Strange Journey Redux (both 3DS)


File: 1640023420310-0.png (1.49 MB, 1234x1080, 617:540, Super Mario Bros. (Japan, ….png)

File: 1640023420310-1.png (645.82 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, Pokemon Blue-211220-174840.png)

File: 1640023420310-2.png (657.21 KB, 1200x1080, 10:9, Dragon Warrior III (USA)-2….png)

What do you guys think about shaders? I've always thought they were a meme but there's actually some decent looking stuff in Retroarch these days. Probably wouldn't use them for any serious gaymen but they're okay for some occasional nostalgia fun


I thought strange journey redux was a switch thing also?
it's sad 3ds support got killed I was hoping to pick up a model cheap as the brand went on and hopefully just flashcart it like I did the DS but they seem kinda hard to find now


dq3 on gbx was fuckin god tier tbh


I played the SNES version a few years ago, is GBC better?


Nah Strange Journey is kinda designed around having 2 screens for the map so it wouldn't work as well on the Switch (hence why they decided to develop it for 3DS when the Switch was already out I guess?)
>it's sad 3ds support got killed I was hoping to pick up a model cheap as the brand went on and hopefully just flashcart it like
You can just emulate it with Citra anyway. It can be a little janky at times but generally most games I've tried were playable from start to finish (the SMT games worked perfectly)


I never really use them. As long as I can understand what I am looking at I could care less about how clear it looks.


File: 1653936288576.jpg (52.28 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 353.jpg)

I recently played through Castlevania 2 with the new translation patch (which also adds a map and save feature), it's unironically a good game with all those additions and non-retarded dialogue


Was the AVGN's anger justified while reviewing that game?


i hope so otherwise letting us go back in the past to fuck his wife in the ass was all for nothing


Maybe in the OG Game but it's a lot less vague with the retranslation (though it still has the lying villagers). The only thing I needed a walkthrough for was with the whole "crouch in X spot with Y item equipped for 10 seconds" bullshit


File: 1654580456956.jpg (309.36 KB, 1123x1200, 1123:1200, sоу.jpg)

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File: 1654623916617.jpg (309.36 KB, 1123x1200, 1123:1200, sоу.jpg)

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File: 1654865638405.jpg (309.36 KB, 1123x1200, 1123:1200, sоу.jpg)

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