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They've been sued a few times in the past and nobody cared iirc. They especially won't in this case since tendies are NEETs with no idea how labour laws work


yah call me when they get successfully sued for being fan project killing nipgers


The fan project thing is shitty but I don't see how anyone could sue them for it since it's their copyrights. Parody laws maybe?
Fan devs should prevent it by just releasing the games anonymously when they're finished with no advertisement beforehand like that guy who made the Zelda CD-i ports


i dont actually think anyone can sue them for it i just wanted to call them nipgers


File: 1651063077481.jpg (425.46 KB, 991x532, 991:532, mario-movie-dmca.jpg)

>Nintendo’s ‘Mario Movie’ Leaks: DMCA Used To Suppress Spoiler Discussion
>Nintendo's highly anticipated 'Mario Movie' will be delayed until spring 2023, so in the meantime, fans are posting rumors and speculation on social media. One especially detailed movie plot summary has been hit with a DMCA takedown notice, despite carrying no obviously infringing content.
>A couple of weeks ago a Reddit user posted a thread titled [Spoilers?] Potential plot for the Mario movie. The post began with advice for people to read “with a grain of salt”. The information provided was unconfirmed and apparently based on comments from people who may have attended a test screening or had heard reports of the same from others.
>As the embedded image shows, the user’s post was subsequently removed by Reddit’s Legal Operations team following a “copyright claim by a third party.”


lol based Nintendo once again bringing attention to shit nobody would have normally cared about with DMCAs
>According to AMC, significant spoilers can be considered copyright infringement.
>“Specifically, in Twin Peaks Productions vs. Publications International, the Court ruled that publishing a work that ‘recount[s] for its readers precisely the plot details’ of a fictional work constitutes copyright infringement.”
American law is fucking weird


Which it reminds me, did the DK suit guy win when he suffered a stroke during Tropical Freeze's campaign?


What did the post say anyways?


lol wut? give me a quick rundown


Mario defeats Bowser but Peach is in another castle


Mario goes to save peach but the plot twist is that he falls in love with bowser instead and they two of them get married.


File: 1651262263636.jpg (53.75 KB, 599x554, 599:554, 1611512611886.jpg)

sounds based


File: 1652590594460.jpg (79.78 KB, 1200x1166, 600:583, Mario Waluigi.jpg)

>3rd link
>Commentary section
<Just wait for a Nintendo employee to shake his car-keys and everything will be forgiven

According to very reliable leaks: The movie will be a musical and the character designs must suffer drastic changes. Expect pic related.


but sodomy is a sin
doubly so with a turtle


not really when you understand how jews work


jews dont work


i see you already knew my apologies

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